Friday, October 23, 2009

Fluffalicious fluffacity!

The milkweed pods are poppin' and it's a world of fluff on the farm! It drives the farmers nuts, but milkweed is food for monarch butterfly larvae, and supplies nectar to a wide variety of insect. I think the flowers are pretty and I love their scent. And I can't resist grabbing handfuls of the floss as I walk along... so silky! One of those things you just have to reach out and touch.

Pods in various stages of opening.

Dainty little thing!


Milkweed floss on the seeds of a cow parsnip plant.

I don't think this one is milkweed but it's a perfect puffball!

The seeds remind me of fish scales.

Blowin' in the wind.

A Canada goose feather, which is fluffy enough to be included in this post!

Not milkweed, but still pretty darn fluffy!

A carpet of fluff! Magical.


  1. That seemed to grow wild everywhere when I was a kid. Now I hardly ever see it.

  2. Nathalie, your pictures are exquisite.
    I could ask what camera you use, but I know it`s the eye of the photographer!

    I feel

  3. Truly magical! Thank you.

  4. Not just another fluff piece.

    Awesome pictures.

  5. Your fluffs make me think of FANTASIA, the fairies skating to The Waltz of the Flowers.

  6. Love your heading for the post!

  7. It's very gratifying sharing pictures with you all when I get nice comments like these! Thank you!

  8. Elisabeth, I have a Nikon D70 digital SLR, but I took these pics with my little Canon Powershot. Nothing has done more to improve my photography than the invention of digicams. I take loads of shots and there are almost always some good ones in there!

  9. Fluffalicious is right! In your honour, I should run outside and plant some along your favourite Central Park pathways!

    Elisabeth is right - just eggsquisite photos, Knat!


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