Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The odiferous ones

"La la la! A beautiful fall day! A wonderful walk in the woods!"

"La la la! Let's run joyfully through the milkweed fluff!"

"And when we get back to the house, let's run up to the black and white kitty-cat and try to make friends!"

"Mummy, when I tried to make friends with that kitty-cat, he sprayed something bad in my face."

"I don't understand why this keeps happening, Mummy. He is a bad kitty-cat. This is the fourth time this year he has been mean to me like this."

"It stung so much, I had to go rub my whole face in the dirt. I feel a little better now. But why won't you get close to me, Mummy? Why are you wrinkling your nose and swearing?"

"I wasn't stupid enough to make friends with that dumb black and white kitty-cat. But it's possible that I rolled in some stink that wafted onto the lawn. It was an accident, I swear."


If anyone needs a good de-skunking recipe, here you go:

Mix 1 quart/1 litre hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and about a teaspoon gentle liquid soap. Massage into stinking dog, avoiding eyes and other delicate bits. Attempt to leave on for ten minutes, or as long as dog will tolerate. Rinse well.

This is fantastically effective so long as you make sure you've gotten it well into the reeking areas, and leave it in as long as you can!


  1. Awe, that sucks! We've got those "kitty-cats" around here too,but have been spared so far.
    I'm still deciding if being skunked is worse than smelling little Happy's anal glands (when popped in fear for instance) every day! We visit the dog park often now, and there's always a dog or two who will pick on our pup.

  2. Awww...poor little pupster! It's that black & white kitty's fault!!

  3. A black and white cat you say? I was wondering where Ted had gotten to!

  4. Ted! Ted got into a shipping crate and has made a trans-Atlantic visit. But Jams, did you know Ted was so odiferous?

    Monika, anal glands vs skunk, it's a tough call. Each is awful in its own way!

    Shelley, of course nothing is EVER the dog's fault. Right, Scout?


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