Friday, October 09, 2009

Cow Tags

Over there years, there were both dairy and beef cattle on our farm. I found some interesting tags nailed on beams in the lower level of the barn, where the cows were kept.

"White head...something something... 1973 Charolais."

"Something something NE, Side B, Calf, Mar 22, 1973, (Belt Cow)" Hopefully that doesn't mean the cow was made into belts. Nah, I suspect it just had a belt marking.

"Young 1981 ...yearling at N. Feed (?), still Br, June 7-" (? Some year in the 70s.)

Red Calf B, May 6- 81, afternoon... born(?)"

Fascinating stuff! I'm looking forward to having animals in the barn again, even if they're llamas instead of cattle!


  1. Natalie, these pictures are beautiful! Even if you can't always decipher what is written, they are lovely as objects and as photographs. You've got a great eye!

  2. Thank you Sharon!! I'm thinking that if I ever finish reading the manual for my Nikon, my photos might be CONSISTENTLY in focus. :D

  3. Love 'em. Wonder what my tag would say? Red hair, curls, something, something...?

  4. Fascinating! SO you are going to farm Llamas? I hope that goes well!

  5. I suspect bred may be one of your undeciphered words, that being a keen topic of diary farmers.

  6. "bred",thank you Shona, that makes sense!

    Jams, we are planning on a few llamas but really they'll be pets. I think we're going to end up with a few of everything. :)

    Ronna, your tag would say "beautiful red curls, amazing artistic talent, males great cakes."


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