Friday, October 19, 2007


Okay, so the first picture isn't Edinburgh. It's Gordon sharing a meal with Zoë back around 2002. I am missing that cat like crazy.

So, back to the trip. I missed Scotland in my first post, even though that's where we started. I believe I mentioned accidentally erasing all my Scotland pics except for the end bit in Edinburgh, so you'll have to imagine Stirling and Glasgow, at least until Phyllis sends me HER photos! Here we are at Edinburgh Castle. Fortunately the cannon wasn't loaded!

Inside the castle, I finally saw a good use for guns:

Some bit of the Castle, dated 1615. I'm so damn helpful.

Purty, no?

Scotland is my husband's homeland. He's a murderous, blood-thirsty Campbell. Well, he was born in Toronto, but his parents came to Canada from Glasgow in the 1950s. Me, I have Irish and English blood (although my surname is evidently Cornish.) This was my first visit to Scotland, and I just loved it. It's a shame my photos of Glencoe and the Highlands were deleted, because that was my favourite part of the trip!

There is a cemetery at the Castle for soldiers' dogs (mascots):

Here is a gate at the Castle. Oh, I am so informative today.

Here's Phyllis in the Castle jail, where she belongs...

And here's a sign I saw back in York. I am ALWAYS ready for a CUPPA!


  1. I feel like I'm getting a virtual trip to the UK. Love the picture of Phyllis in jail. I always take pictures of jails when I travel--an occupational hazard, I guess.

    What a sweet picture of Gordon and Zoe!

  2. Anonymous10:21 pm

    did you notice that Phyllis' feet don't touch the ground in the jail pic?? hahah.

    love the dog cementary. how sweet.

    Great pictures. :) too damn bad that you erased your other pics :( ... if you went to Sterling did you go to the Wallace monument? I have a magnet from there .. and now I have a Wallace! ... ok I digress. Did you see the LAME statue of Mel Gibson? lame lame lame. The monument was kewl however.

  3. oh... too bad you deleted all the other pictures. Hubby got to visit the Edinburgh Castle when he was working out of Glasgow. Can' wait till you get pictures from Phyllis to post.

    I also love the picture of Gordon and Zoe.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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