Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch, chickens and kitty cats

I got back from my noon yoga class and made myself lunch:

Raincoast Trading albacore tuna with mayo and capers on Première Moisson organic sprouted grains bread, with some of my friend Ronna's South African pickles. MMMMMMMM! (I know, I know, yoga, sprouted bread, hook-and-line tuna... I sound like a total freakin' granola-head.)

And I don't often have dessert, especially with lunch, but this peach crisp is to die for:

Our friends came for supper yesterday and brought dessert, the most scrumptious peach crisp made by Riitta. MMMMMMMMMM!!! I refrained from having ice cream with it today, but I didn't hold back last night!

Speaking of guests, I am training our young friend Inari to be a Chicken Whisperer like me. She's learning fast!

Riitta watched her daughter bond with the poultry, and offered them a few treats (apple chunks) herself.

She may not know it yet, but I think this girl has a bright future as our farm sitter!

Meanwhile, Tristan politely waited at the coop door. "I promise not to eat the chickens. I only want to eat their poop."

And Gordon got the girls' perches put in on the weekend. The hens were very pleased.

Meanwhile, back on the front porch, the three-legged buddha cat (Alex) cuddles with his girlfriend Naomi. He also gave her an extremely thorough bath. A year ago today, Naomi showed up on our driveway late at night, as a tiny starving kitten. Now she rules the house.

And Gordon watched the cats eat dinner in order of size, looking only slightly maniacal.

I have to go walk my dogs, who are whining and farting and don't care that it's pouring rain outside... happy Monday!


  1. Sounds fab. How were the pickles?

  2. DEEEEE-LICIOUS! I think a bunch of us should do a pickles/preserves/jam exchange the way people do cookie exchanges at Christmas. :)

  3. That peach crisp looks seriously to die for. How can there be some left over???
    When can you expect to collect eggs from your chickies?

  4. I want to die for that peach crisp!

  5. The first time I read the title I saw a colon after Lunch rather than a comma!

    I am intrigued by the idea of a chicken whisperer. I may try it with my neighbour's chickens!

    I do love the sight of synchronised cat feeding. The ginger fellow looks like our Boris!

  6. Monika,we should start getting eggs later in November. Which means Gordon needs to get those nest boxes built asap!

    Surani, do you see fresh peaches much in Sri Lanka? I will trade you some peaches for some mangoes and papaya! :) Or mangosteen. Mmmmmmm!

    Jams, no colon! My, that certainly would have changed the meaning a bit. Do try being a chicken whisperer. Just protect your eyes from pecking beaks.

    The synchronized cat feeding occurs because they are a bunch of pigs and if one eats, the other two come screaming into the kitchen to get in on the action. It is getting ridiculous. Right now I measure out their food and dispense it throughout the day, but I think we need to wean it back to two or three feedings a day, so I'm not constantly doling out food.

  7. Dear sophisticated Toronto girl, You had the proper upbringing. We all do chicken whispering here...when we find live chickens, of course.
    What a great lunch! Everybody should have peach crisp following a yoga class. At all time, with rich desserts, I always use low fat yogurt instead of ice cream. It cuts down the guilt. I envy you your pets. And I envy the attention they get. And their feast. It looks like a banquet. What a happy time!

  8. I actually would give 6 months of my life (and at my age, I don't have that many months to give away) to spend one week on your land. It's so enticing! Congratulations on your lifestyle.

  9. Was Gordon trying to be a cat like in that tv commercial? Thanks for the wonderful photos of your multi-faceted life.

  10. Frannie, I am still trying to figure out what Gordon was doing in the photo. Perhaps he was hungry for kibble? :)

    Claudia, I will try some frozen yogurt. Thanks for all the kind words. I feel lucky to live where I do. I did my time in the city but really I am a country girl at heart.

  11. That last pic with your hubby and the 3 cats: thanks for making me smile - I sure needed it this week.

  12. My pleasure, Anya. You have such wonderful cats yourself!


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