Monday, September 21, 2009

How much would YOU pay not to have dinner with Sarah Palin?

After Jim at The Velvet Blog wrote about the lead-up to some idiot paying $63,500 to have dinner with Sarah Palin, Chef Nick came up with another idea. How much would YOU pay not to have dinner with the Queen of Wasilla? But you'd miss out on her special turkey milkshakes!

And I have actually BEEN to Wasilla, God help me. Back in 2003, I flew to Alaska for free on my air miles, and my friend Phyllis (dog writer extraordinaire!) and I watched the start of the Iditarod and toured around the area a bit. And look, here we are in... WASILLA!

We visited the Iditarod headquarters, which featured this stuffed sled dog:

And outside the headquarters, we found some real sleddogs, all packed up and ready to go in their truck!

I think this was up around Palmer somewhere. Spectacularly beautiful!

This has gotta be culturally insensitive, but we stuck our heads in anyway.

We also went to the pre-Iditarod dinner, where we got to meet the mushers and their dogs:

We also made it to the Muskox Farm in Palmer:

Muskox fibre makes qiviut, an incredibly soft yarn that is eight times warmer than wool. I found qiviut to be cheaper in Canada than in the US, likely because we have a heck of a lot more muskox in our north.

In 2007 we visited England and Scotland together...

...leaving a trail of destruction (and knitting) wherever we went.

So, how much WOULDN'T you pay to have dinner with Sarah? And how much would you pay to have dinner with ME?!


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    I'd pay a fortune to have dinner with Knattybooboo...and a fortune to keep Sarah Palin out of my life and out of politics. She is one scary idiot!

    I'd forgotten about some of those photos. Love the dog shots!


  2. Anyone who can write about a baguette on acid must be worth her weight in gold!

    As for Sarah palin, I think she would pay a pretty penny to avoid dinner with the likes of me!

  3. Jesus Christ DON'T Make ME GO THERE!$%##^%&!


    You insane chicken-lovers, I'd be there in an instant if Gordini would gracefully bow out and allow me to cook his (and your) chickens in the manner in which I have already gone over many, many times in my head.

    Hmm . . . what would be the starting price for "Spend A Day With Knatolee" . . .?

    Maybe a "Buy it Now" for an admittedly impossible $19,0987 . . . lemme think about this. Someone might actually pay it!

    Meanwhile, bid on my auction for No Dinner With Sarah Palin! You know you'll never, ever have to pay for it, unless it's in contributions for dinner with Jim and Knatolee!!!

  4. And the Evil Gordini!!!!!

    Nelson remembers. He may seem like a clod, but he remembers. Gordini schemes, he thinks, but he never prevails. Because he doesn't have the password to the Secret Hand.

    Uhh . . . I think I wrote it down somewhere but now I can't find it and now I'm thinking Brigitte threw it out with last night's cornhusks . . .

    What am I gonna do? Them's were tasty corns, though. They're in season. Gonna hafta look through the garbage.

  5. I'd pay to have dinner with Jim! :D

    Chef, Chef, Chef. My chickens are free-range. They are muscular and stringy and not even full-grown yet. You do not want to eat my chickens! But feel free to cook my garden potatoes and garlic and cauliflower.

    I cannot imagine anyone paying $19, 0987 to have dinner with me (uh, something is wrong with that decimal place, btw.) Jams might find me worth the price of a Sibelius CD, however.

    All that said, if anyone DOES want to pay $19, 0987 to have dinner with me, I'm donating the money to the SD & G SPCA!!

    Chef Nick, do NOT let me catch you auctioning off my chickens for dinner on eBay, you bad bad bad man. Brigitte is clearly a saint!

  6. I never was good at math...I'll round it up and give you $20, 0000 (whatever that is).

  7. If I could possibly stop laughing, I'd berate you for my inadvertent use of a decimal point. When I said "$19,0987" I was referring to the AEOLIAN measurement, quite normally not the one YOU are obviously used to using.

    A-E-O-L-I-A-N. Spell it think it, absorb it. It Is A Source Of All, ALL Wisdom.

    With my wonderment of wisdom that pervades ever neuron (let alone neutron) I can't believe you let that slip by you. I schtand by every schtatement I makes.

    You Of The Bees. Curse you and the Bees.

  8. I wouldn't pay to have dinner with anyone. But if you cook the dinner, Jams or Knatolee,wherever you might be, I'll bring enough French wine for the whole gang...

  9. Ohh de la wee, that sounds like a calamittee!

    I hope for a FULL REPORT!


  10. I would've loved that Alaska trip! Always been a fantasy of mine to not only see the sled dogs - but run a team. Ah...I'm getting to old for my racing dreams in the iditarod.

  11. I think I can't afford to have dinner with you. But the thought alone is weird, to pay to have dinner with someone....
    I'm so glad S. P. is not Canada's problem.

  12. Pouty Lips, $20,000 is about $19,999 more than anyone should ever pay to have dinner with me! :)

    Nick, I need to go brush up on my Aeolian. My mistake! And the bees are gonna get you.

    Claudia, you're on! Bring the French wine. And Jams.

    Monika, I wouldn't charge anyone to have dinner with me. Well, maybe Chef Nick, although if he COOKED the dinner, I'd let him in for free. But you Monika can come for supper anytime. You have to bring Happy, though. ;)

    Shelley, they actually have a thing at the Iditarod where you can pay to ride on one of the the sleds at the start of the race. So your dream needn't die completely!

  13. The bees will get thees! Then I will get the chickens!


  14. The bees are going to have to find a way through my bee suit, gloves and boots before they get me!

  15. Ha- a shared dinner might come true some day. I'm thinking of moving to Ottawa. Just need to find out a way to earn some money from home....

  16. Well, if I would have won that lottery, I would have paid a lot not to have dinner with her. But since I didn't I just won't have dinner with her for nothing.

  17. Uh, James... are you not having dinner with Sarah, or not having dinner with me? SO confusing! :@)

  18. I am willing to pay whatever the cost of one portion of halibut or haddock and chips, a side of coleslaw, a side of mushy peas, a pot of tea and, of course, a sticky toffee pudding - just to have dinner with Knatolee. The next time she's in town and near the High Street Fish and Chips.

    As for Sarah Palin, what she didn't say is that after she checks out her window for those pesky Russkies, she then shoulder checks to see if any Canucks are sneaking up from behind.

  19. MMmmm, Wombat Boy, you're on. Halibut and chips, mmmmmmmmmmm!


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