Monday, September 29, 2008

Look who showed up last night!

Well, at 10:30 last night, I was reading in bed when I heard the most pathetic meowing. (Lucky my window was open.) I of course ran outside. A tiny kitten tore across the driveway and straight to me. She was starving hungry, so I took her into the front porch and we fed her. Then we set her up in the downstairs bathroom with food, a litterbox and a bed.

Gordon shocked me once again by taking four minutes to agree to keep her (usually he takes four years to make a decision. Last year he shocked me by taking ten minutes to decide to adopt Alex from the SPCA.) She has to go to the vet and be checked out, and she needs a name, but here she is. She's very young...

I'm presuming it's a "she" because of the tortoiseshell (or is that calico?) but I'll let the vet confirm that before we work on a name! I am already in love.

The dogs will not be allowed near her for quite a while, as I am not convinced that Tristan the Squirrel Hunter could differentiate between a tiny kitten and a rodent. He is fine with our other cats, but they are CAT size! :) She'll be spending at least the next week in the bathroom.

Have I mentioned that I am already in love? She has the cutest orange stripe down the middle of her forehead.

I have been wanting a third cat for some time, because we had three cats before and can handle that. So many cats need homes, and it pains me not to be able to help more. I keep going to the SPCA to brush and socialize cats, and it has taken all my strength not to bring one home. But in my heart I had a feeling that the right cat would just turn up, and it apparently has. And tomorrow marks a year since my dear lap-cat Zoë died unexpectedly. Zoë came to me as a malnourished, ringworm-infested kitten. I still miss her. Call me crazy but I am convinced she sent this little one to me last night.

Excuse me, I have to go. Someone is meowing for me! :)


  1. She looks quite pleased with herself for having found you. Don't go missing again, lady!

  2. She's just beautiful!

  3. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Ooooooo (of course we saw a sneak preview) but she is just adorable!!!

    I'll bet she was abandoned. I doubt a barn kitty would approach a human. well, that's just my guess.

    Anyway, she's in Kitty Clover now :D ... can't wait to hear more stories about her and see more pics!

  4. Anonymous4:10 pm

    That is a very sweet, very content, very proud of herself exotic little face! Congrats on the new addition. - Deb

  5. Oh Knatolee - I can tell how content that kitty is from her adorable face! And how good of you to adopt her!

    P.S. Have you recvd your package yet? Just want to make sure! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous12:18 am

    awww...that third picture is so sweet. It looks like she's saying "can I stay here wif you?"

  7. A belated but hearty welcome to Miss Kitty! She's adorable. So, are you in love? I'd have thought that you'd mention it at least once.

  8. I'm in love. Have I mentioned that?


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