Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Teeny Wallace" my BEHIND!

My friend Nancy, aka Sexy Mexy, lives in Mexico. She has thus far rescued three ... no, wait, isn't it four?... (good grief, I'm losing track!) street dogs. She keeps telling all and sundry that her dog Wallace is a dainty buttercup of a canine, but I refuse to believe it, and I ain't the only one. So she sent me this photo as proof of his diminutiveness, and claimed it hadn't been doctored in Photoshop:

Amazing, isn't it, how perspective can make the gargantuan seem small? Last I heard, Wallace weight 498 lbs and stood six feet tall at the shoulder! Guinness is knocking down Nancy's door.

Nice try, though, Sexy Mexy. "Teeny Wallace" my big furry behind!!


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    HAHAHAHHA ... there is ABSOLUTELY NO camera trickery involved in that picture (unlike "Someone's" clearly doctored photographs). You've heard of the dog sizes "minature", "teacup" well, Wallace is "doll-house". It's a new category.

    And what do you do with all that fur on your behind? I'll bet you make Caber braid it into corn-rows for you ... keeping with the farm theme.

    ;) hee heeee

    (W however says, despite your relentless teasing, that he is honored to appear in your blog.)

  2. Yeah, "doll" like "Chucky" is a doll! "Small Wallace" is like "jumbo shrimp." OXYMORON!

    And yes, I admit, I have cornrows on my behind.

    And Wallace is handsome and wonderful, despite his monstrous size!

  3. Sasquatch has a pet dog the size of Wallace.

  4. Tell her she needs to bring those tweezers closer to the dog - she's too far away - but nice try!

  5. Ya hear that, Sexy Mexy? Your photo ain't working! Being the tweezers CLOSER!

  6. Anonymous11:28 am

    that's just because they don't WANT to believe.


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