Monday, September 08, 2008

Peachy keen!

Yesterday I reached into a basket of fine Ontario peaches and pulled out this...

Good thing I'm not squeamish, eh? SLUGZILLA!

I liberated Slugzilla outside, to dine on my hostas. I figured he deserved to live if he'd made it this far, enduring a ride from the Niagara region on a refrigerated truck onto the shelves of the Farm Boy store in Cornwall, and then a warmer ride home in the trunk of our car.

And look! Slug hanky-panky!


  1. Mmmmmm....slug...taste like chicken!

  2. Anonymous1:19 pm

    love the little bit of slime on the peach..hahahhaha .... very tasty looking peach i might add.

    I have a very small snail community among my very few potted plants. One day I stepped on one who was just outside the door. man, I felt really bad about that. :(((


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