Tuesday, September 09, 2008

That's one big Setter!

My friend Phyllis, aka Spidergurl, aka author extraordinaire, recently adopted a lovely English Setter she has named Dodger (after the character in Oliver Twist.) Dodger, age four, was given up for adoption by a moronic freaking idiot, I mean, by his former owner, because the moronic freaking idiot's, I mean, former owner's new boyfriend doesn't like dogs. Don't get me started.

Dodger doesn't know how lucky he is; Phyllis is one amazing dogmother. She has adopted many dogs before this, including an ancient poodle left homeless after Hurricane Katrina. She nursed him back to health and gave him a marellous retirement. This year Phyllis lost her heart dog Fred, another well-loved senior canine citizen. Recently she decided she was ready to give a home to another needy dog, to join her terrier-mix Ginger (aka "Whinger") and fluffy grey cat Dickens. And so Dodger arrived.

Gordon loves up Fred (l) and Clint (r), while visiting America’s Dairyland (and Phyllis) in October 2006.

Whinger says, “But what about me? ME ME ME ME ME?!! I need love too. I am soooo neglected.”

Meanwhile, Dickens enjoys exploring his new home.
(Phyllis’ photo, used without permission. Tough noogies, diddums.)

The most amusing part of this is how Phyllis keeps insisting that Dodger is a small dog. Phyllis has had a string of small dogs, ones that actually fit neatly in a lap. Dodger, however, is an ENGLISH SETTER. Now, I have lived with five different English Setters in my life, all belonging to my Mum, the first of which was Gina (who joined the family when I was three) the last of which was Tara, whom I inherited upon my Mum's death in 1997. However small they are, even field English Setters are NOT SMALL DOGS, damn it. Now, Dodger is admittedly a petite boy, but he is NOT SMALL. However, Phyllis refuses to believe this. Therefore, I am posting this photo of Dodger with Phyllis to prove once and for all that Phyllis is completely and utterly wrong. Dodger is a BIG BOY, as evidenced below:

Small my ass!

Welcome Dodger! You've landed in clover. Or dog biscuits!


  1. Is it my imagination or do those big, brown eyes of Dodger's make him look like Colin Firth?

  2. Wallace is still larger then Dodger!

  3. Anonymous1:26 pm

    alright Mo...you didn't think I'd read this, did you!! harruph. ;)

    I'm always astounded by the cleanliness of that bathtub!! no black gunk in the grouting!

  4. She Photoshopped out all the crap in the tub, NK.

    And Wallace is considerably bigger than Dodger. Wallace is to Dodger like the planet Jupiter is to a flea.

  5. My God, it's Colin Firth in spots!

  6. Dodger is a nice medium sized dog!!

    P.S. You won 2nd prize in my giveaway! I need your address - my email: shelleyupnorth@gmail.com

  7. Anonymous2:07 pm

    YES INDEED, Wombat Boy, THOSE EYES MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE COLIN FIRTH! Part of why I love him so. And might I add, according to that bastion of journalism, People magazine, today - Sept 10 - is my darling Colin's 48th birthday (yesterday was Hugh Grant's 48th birthday). So everyone party hearty and celebrate! (Greg, did you check out that final hilarious sparkly scene in Mama Mia?) - Phyllis


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