Monday, September 22, 2008

The killer frost came... and killed!

Yes, well, on Thurday night the killer frost came and killed. So the timing of my poetry was apt! Luckily, I believed the warning on the Environment Canada site, and went out and harvested as much veg as I could before the bitter end. I could have covered my tomatoes with dainty blankets, I suppose, but it's gotta end sometime, and it's only a matter of delaying the inevitable. I was too lazy to do that this year.

I was thrilled to get about eight decent pumpkins, a few of which are in this photo with other things (Delicata winter squash, mutant pattypans, the ever-handsome Tristan):

Speaking of good-lookin' boy dogs...

I loathe that day-glo hunting collar but until I find something that is attractive AND washable, it'll have to do. This one is UGLY and washable; one out of two ain't bad. The washability aspect is very important when you have dogs that swim daily, roll in dead things, smear themselves in rancid fat, wriggle in manure, enjoy being sprayed by skunks, and so on.

My several varieties of sunflower did yery well this year too. I picked a few flower heads, but I'm leaving the rest out for the birds. Next year I'm just going to do a whacking huge patch down in my field. The cats have a nice haul of organic catnip drying in the pantry cupboard. They are complete and utter 'nip sluts.

And here is lovely Sophie in her own unlovely collar:

She's lying in the shade of the Newport flowering plum tree I planted in memory of my dear friend Carol, who passed away last November at the tender age of 42. I think the tree will be tall and graceful, like Carol was. Next spring we'll get rid of the post and nylons (SO attractive!), but with the winds around here, I think it'll need support to help it through its first winter.

If this coming winter is anything like last winter, I'll need some support myself....


  1. Knatolee - it seems so early for frost! I'm so sorry! I think we're still quite a few weeks away in Michigan. Your pumpkins look lovely as does your dogs. (And what great names for them!!!)

  2. The puppers are so gorgeous!! I'm sorry about the garden, but I know how you feel. My beautiful rosemary plant is dying on me and i've had to just give it up. i'll start again this year!! It's hard to watch, but I don't have the energy right now to deal with it. Poor Rosie! Sigh.

  3. Tristan is guarding your vegetable haul! lol He is a handsome boy. And Sophie looks so delicate! HAHAHA

    You better pray for calm winter!!!

  4. Can it be that you are the only knitter who is not on ravelry? I'm trying to get in touch with you, to let you know, that you won a pair of Knit Picks needles, but can't find a e-mail link. So I'm telling you here. Please send me your address, so I can send you the needles! :o) Very cute pup pictures btw!

  5. Tristan doesn't guard my vegetables. He STEALS them. He is STILL eating tomatoes out of the garden,even though they have been nuked by frost two or three times now! :)

    Angela, I was thinking of bringing in my rosemary plant (potting it) but totally forgot... I should go see if it is still alive or not!!I was amazed to see that my cilantro is still going strong (while the basil is history.) It's amazing to see what survives a hard frost.

  6. Anonymous9:32 am

    Ooooo I LOVE your wagon. How CUTE! :) sorry about the frost but these things have to happen ;)

    I've never known how exactly the sunflower seeds are situated in the flower heads. What excellent pics. reminds me of that thing from the Da Vinci Code about the mathematical ratio of everything. Of course I can't remember what that ratio is and I'm too lazy to look it up, but that's what I thought of when I saw the pattern in the flower heads.

    And as always beautiful dog-babies. T is indeed a handsome boy and S is a lovely happy girl.

    The tree is very nice. I hope it survives the winter OK. :O

    have you fired up the furnace yet?


  7. Aren't the sunflower seeds neat??!

    And no furnace yet. I absolutely refuse to turn it on before October! :) Sweater, anyone?

    That black sunflower is about as big as my head, I kid you not. Well, my flattened head...

  8. There's a lot of talk about winter this morning - groan - enjoy the last of the fresh veggies..Love your pups!


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