Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Lancaster perch roll...dig in!

We live in the township of South Glengarry, in the county of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry. All around here, you see signs outside restaurants advertising what was, until today, a mystery to us:


Now, I grew up fishing in Ontario and I know what a perch is, but a perch roll? I hoped it was something like a lobster roll (which I enjoyed many times in Nova Scotia) but I wasn't sure. Until today, when I found this gem of a video on the South Glengarry tourism website. If you want to learn about the glorious perch roll, and see some of the area surrounding where I live (we often lunch in Lancaster, and have also frequented the Blue Anchor), watch this:

In Search of the Legendary Lancaster Perch Roll

You also get to see a bit of the countryside around here, which I think is very attractive!

Perch roll, anyone?


  1. Oh yum. We'll have to try something like that the next time I catch some reef fish offshore. I know it isn't perch, but its similar.

    I ate a lot of perch in my childhood, growing up on Lake Erie.

    Thank you for sharing. One day, I'll have to share with the world Grits-n-Grunts. It's a breakfast treat.

  2. Anonymous1:11 am

    Oh Suuuurrrrreeeee now that you have the fancy-schmancy satellite connection you've forgotten the poor pathetic little people with DIALUP!!!

    hahhaha just kidding ...

    but doesn't the "historic farmhouse" right at the beginning (the only part that's loaded so far) look more like a old church perhaps converted into a house?

    I like the pizza place too ... --CLOSED-- HAhahahhahaha.

    It's cool though to see (to have the prospect of seeing) your area! Another 30 mins or so I might be able to watch it all. ;)


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