Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tomatoes and tractors

My tomatoes are finally, finally ripening! We had a solid two weeks of sun and it did the trick. I planted many varieties, including various heirloom tomatoes, but don't ask me what's what (except for the green ones, which are called "Lime Salad" and are supposed to be green after ripening.) There's also a purple tomatillo in here!

Tristan and Sophie also like the tomatoes, and to my dismay have been helping themselves in the garden! It's not enough that they sit next to me and beg for carrots when I'm out digging, now they are helping themselves to whatever they can find out there! I've never had dogs so fond of vegetables. Yesterday I found Tristan gnawing on a raw potato, which I took away from him. ("Awwww, Mummy! Come on!! It's just a little potato!")

And on another note, our "little brother" back in BC send us a stuffed Husky after his trip to Alaska with his Mom. The Husky is quite fond of our neighbour's old English tractor, which had been driven over here with a load of wood last week.

I think this tractor has a lot of character, but neither Gordon nor I will drive it, despite our neighbour's offer to teach us. Gordon drove it once and thought he was going to roll down the hill and die. We're terrified of it. It apparently lacks brakes, and definitely lacks a roll bar! Our neighbour Bill, who has sold several cords of hardwood, has been bringing over loads and moving the tractor around for us (from wood shed to barn to basement window, through which we toss wood for this winter, to be stacked near the wood/oil furnace.)

Bill has no problem with the scary old tractor, but he has been driving it for decades.

And the sled dog has no fear!


  1. I love your vintage tractor & tomatoes.

  2. Anonymous1:32 pm

    that tractor is really cool .. but I can clearly see that there is an aura of malevolence about it. ;)

    Love the little husky.

    and the tomato pics are beautiful. How nice to be able to collect such tangible rewards from all that hard work ... in spite of T and & S's attempts to cash in first. :) ...they're sooooo adorable.


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