Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's he up to?

Our barn was home to a family of raccoons this spring. There is a room in the barn that is insulated and was used by the former owner as a sort of office for his machining business. The raccoons and the squirrels spent several months ripping apart all the insulation in there, and depositing piles of raccoon dung and black walnut shells in every imaginable place.

Gordon decided to start tackling the mess last Sunday, and he managed to clean all the insulation and assorted crapola out of the downstairs part of the barn. Next he'll do the upstairs. As you can see, he was suitably attired. Tristan and Sophie were happy to help by dropping tomatoes, stolen from my garden, on top of the insulation!

And on a brighter note, some sunflowers from my garden...

A job well done!


  1. Anonymous3:03 pm

    OK did he wear that yellow t-shirt deliberately so he could match it with his gloves? ;) REAL farmers would NEVER do that! haha

    well that was a big nasty job so I guess he's entitled to be a fashion maven.

    The sunflower pics are BEAUTIFUL.

  2. No,total fluke with the colour matching!. Sometimes I have to stop him when he's going out the door to work and make him change his clothes. He's actually slightly colourblind in the green/brown range, and sometimes you can really tell by what he's dared to put on.

    I'll let it go unless he's wearing something that I know people will look at and think, "His wife let him out the door like that?" HAHAHA!

    He needs those Garanimals clothes they used to make for kids, where you match up the coded tags so you can't screw up when putting together an outfit!

    I really love sunflowers. You should see my other HUGE ones that have faces as big as mine and are over 10 feet tall. Must take pictures of them! Well, these ones in the blog are ten feet tall too, but the flowers are smaller, about the same as my hand spread wide open.

  3. I'm glad you added some beautiful sunflowers in your post - I was imagining that mess that needed to be cleaned up!


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