Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You didn't make me proud

Last night Canada had what is probably the lowest voter turnout ever. I am totally disgusted and ashamed.

Don't bother asking me how I feel about the election results... let's just say I could do with a stiff drink this morning. I could probably live with the results a bit better if at least people had gotten out and voted more.


  1. They didn't show up to vote and yet they'll complain. I hate that.

  2. Anonymous10:08 am

    However! a non-vote is (can be considered as) just as much a statement as a vote. I honestly would not vote for "the lesser of two evils" better not to vote.

    I have also thought that if people are pressured into voting when they have no basic interest in politics (and people have that right) and because of that lack of interest they fail to fully investigate the issues and the consequences of their vote AND vote irresponsibily ... then it might be better for them to not vote. (and then one would have to understand the reasons behind their non-vote (and the nature of their complaint)to determine whether they have the right to complain or not ;)).

    I know that people fought for voting rights etc ... but history is also full of religious martyrs but that will not make me religious.

    It is sometimes useful to look at things from a different perspective....especially suspicious trends like "don't vote, can't complain".

  3. Voting is not a right but a duty. I would love to see a system like that of Australia (other than the plagiarized speeches).

    Compulsory voting, instant-runoff voting and proportional representation: can you think of a better system?

  4. Now I understand the title of the next post. And yeah, me too! I'm a Canadian Citizen since 2005, and I vote any chance I get. :o)

  5. Anonymous9:36 am

    From my ideological perspective the idea of "duty" and "compulsory" when applied to voting sounds a little tiny bit too facist. the sense of "you do not have a choice in this matter."

    If that were the case, I would probably passively resist by inventing write-in candidates or by outright refusing to comply. Then the govt would have to implement ways to deal with non-compliance and that would involve more $$ and regulations.

    forcing people to do things is never a happy solution to anything.

  6. Hmmm... well, in Canada you HAVE to fill out your census or face prosecution. Not sure if the census is really more important than the vote!!! Otoh, it's hard to start forcing people to do anything, and I'm a fan of education. But I remain pissed off that people don't vote!

    Maybe the ballot should have a "conscientious objector" tick-box or something...


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