Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All kitten, all the time. Kitten! Kitten!! Kitten!!!

For those already tired of incredibly cute kitten photos, I suggest you go check out another site. Like this one. (See if you can spot my Clanger! And hey, it was a knitting project!)

I got out my "real" camera yesterday (Nikon digital SLR) and took some time to photograph my precious darling dumpling.

"What? I am just enjoying the sun as I sit on the hibiscus pot!"

"OF COURSE I am not eating this hibiscus leaf. I am merely savouring its fine aroma. Mmmmmm!"

"Look at me! I am positively angelic, with my eyes raised heavenward. I will never ever do anything bad. I will never scratch your nice couch, chew your shoelaces in half, pee in the toaster nor put dead mice in your slippers!"

"Trrrrrrust me!"

"Hey Mummy, look at that giant chocolate bar in the corner!"

"Mmmmmmm, hibiscus leaf, mmmmmmmmmm!"

"What? What?? Yes, yes, I know the dirt isn't for me to poop in!"

(Oops. Something moved, and it wasn't the camera!)

"I am a tiny perfect kitten. Now hand over the catnip and no one gets hurt!"


  1. I can see the impish gleam in your kitten's eye! You are going to have a lot of fun w/ your kitty!

  2. Anonymous10:11 am

    I think she has exceeded the "allowable cuteness limit" hahaah.

    GREAT pictures, as always. :)

    and the "trust me" picture, she could run for Canadian PM! ;)

  3. Great pictures of your new baby!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  4. She is adorable!!!!! Precious and perfect. What do T&S think?

    Hugs from auntie enbe

  5. Anonymous11:39 am

    She really is a sweetie - looking forward to the pics with her and the canines!!!


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