Sunday, October 05, 2008

From cute to less cute...

First off, we have Princess Poops-a-lot, aka Vampira, aka SatanKitty, epitome of cuteness (the kitten, not ME!) She is quite squirmy, thus we have yet another out-of-focus self-portrait. Like I said, the fuzziness removes my wrinkles! You can see her one ginger paw here.

She has been scampering around my office for half an hour (the dogs are outside), and has decided that the dog beds are her very own:

I think we can already safely say that Naomi is going to rule this household, cats, dogs and humans.

And I know this little critter grossed out many when I previously discussed it on my blog, but this time I got a photo. It's a tiny pseudoscorpion I found drowning in Naomi's water dish. They are harmless, and beneficial to humans because they eat things like clothes moth larvae and book lice! You can see how small it is in relation to my hand. You can also see how badly I need some handcream (and a manicure) right now:

Yeah yeah, if it's too icky, just scroll back up to the kitten! More kitten pictures to follow soon. HWB, if any of your entomologist friends want to i.d what type of pseudoscorpion I have here, let 'em have it! :)

You know, my cheap litte Canon Powershot A460 takes darn good photos. I plan to get some better shots of Naomi today with my beloved digital SLR.

And now I must attend to my mistress Naomi, who is sprawled across my lap...


  1. I'm glad I found your blog (or you found me?), because you write about stuff I don't even dream about. I might now, and no sweet dreams either. ;o)

  2. You can have sweet dreams about Naomi, and nightmares about pseudoscorpions! :)

    And I found you, Monika, and one day I will even post more of my knitting here!

  3. I'm in love with Naomi!!! I know you'll take good care of her for me ;) I loved all your pics - wonderful.

  4. I want to scrunch that Naomi and pet her! She's lovely!

  5. Awwwwww. That pseudoscorpion is soooo cute.

  6. Anonymous9:30 pm

    ok I'm TERRIBLY SORRY but I cannot look at the scorpion thing without massive feelings of revulsion. I know they are living things etc and harmless but for some reason anything even closely resembling a scorpion just really creeps me out.


    ok but the little baby darling kitty is indescribly adorable.


  7. Okay, I' am a very strange person, but I think the bug is cute. Not as cute as Naomi, but still kinda adorable in its own, multi-legged way.


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