Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And to cheer myself up...

...I have some cute pictures for you.

Checking each other out! I let the dogs sniff Naomi while I hold her, but until she gets a bigger, I won't trust Tristan the Squirrelator.

Yesterday's rainbow.

The three amigos on the front porch.

"You're not coming over here... are you?"

"Oof! So RUDE, this young'uns!"

"Much better. Keep off my shelf, impudent kitten."

And this morning, I found this...

Naomi is GREAT for Alex. Not only is he on a diet, but he's back to running around the house like a crazy man, playing with Naomi. I've had a hard time getting him to play with his toys, so it makes me happy to see him getting up and moving around. We've sorted out the food fiasco (we switched cat foods and the cats gained weight before we realized we were feeding them too much!! Fortunately Julius isn't as bad as Alex.) and I think Alex has already dropped some weight. We'll keep working on it. But Naomi is like his own personal treadmill. They seem to love each other, I might add.

And I call this "Full Moon on Election Night."

I need some caffeine. Ciao!


  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    Oooo I love those windowpane doors! I always thought that I'd have those throughout my "dream home" :)

    What a beautiful rainbow... I took a pic of a double rainbow .. I didn't realize it was double until I downloaded the pic to my computer ..then I look out the window and sure enough there it was. anyway that was Sunday.

    LOve the cat pics :) little Naomi! haha cute. AND ALex does already look thinner!

    Moon pictures are beautiful too. I noticed it for the past couple of nights. Very pretty.

  2. Loved seeing your kitties interact w/ each other - they are having fun! We are on a waiting list right now for a bernese mountain puppy and I can't wait to see how Marvin the cat reacts to that! (He does like dogs better than cats.)

  3. Oooh! SHelley, my doctor has a Bernese that she brings to work with her. He's beautiful. I think they are lovely dogs.

    Miz Mexy, windowpane doors plus dogs = slobber-covered glass!

    Naomi is giving Alex a real workout and I'm glad!

  4. Love the photos!

  5. Great pictures and what look to be very nice kitties. Full moon on election night doesn't seem to bring very good results. When is the full moon in November?...I hope very late in the month.

  6. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I think they look very interested in meeting the new addition to their home, very interested!

    We voted in the advance polls and I for one am pleased with the results for our area at least. I can never understand why people don't vote.

  7. Great pet shots. I love their window beds. Also, the moon has been so beautiful down here too. I wish I could capture it perfectly with the camera.

    I love your sentiments to voting. I love a good voter turn-out too.


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