Friday, October 03, 2008

Summer is dead and gone, but fall has some things to recommend it...

Here are photos from a walk yesterday and another last week. For those of you with dial-up: get satellite internet access like I did! HAHAHA! No, seriously, I feel your pain with lots of photos loading. I tried to make them reasonably small.

Here we go...

Tristan and Sophie are always desperate for a car ride:

Sorry kids, no luck today!

And at the pond, a Green frog:


Dragonflies doing the nasty.

Exploding milkweed.

Self-portrait in woodlot. Note: jiggling the camera slightly makes the photo fuzzy and helps erase wrinkles!

Our beautiful sugar maple.

Fall is here, but the grass still needs mowing.

Leaves on the river.

A lone sumac dancing in the wind.

Wild grapes growing over the culvert.

I was ticked, because when I finally got around to taking photos yesterday, many of the colourful leaves had blown off the trees! Maybe next year.

Milkweed in the process of exploding.

Mushroom rings in the woods.

Fall colours in the back pasture.

And things are still growing in my veggie garden! Romanesco cauliflower:

Cheddar cauliflower:

And threatening clouds over the farm. The soybeans will be harvested very soon.

Happy fall!


  1. Ahhhh, you and Ginny both have fall leaves on your blogs. I'm a tad jealous but trying not to be.

    I did my fall groundwork & planting of the majority of seeds. I do have some seedlings, but not many. Your cauliflower looks wonderful. I had a hard enough time w/ the last year that I didn't plant that this year.

    I love all the pictures!

  2. Wow- wonderful photos! We had milkweed in Austria as well. We plugged them before they burst open, and hung them on the outside of a water glass. They looked like birds haveing a drink of water.

    Cool mushroom rings!

  3. Robin, I wonder if it's just too warm where you are to grow cauliflower well? I noticed that ours only really took off recently, after the first frost.

    Monika, I love the idea of milkweeds as birds! :)

  4. Anonymous7:49 pm

    OK I'm sure that comment about dialup was directed at me ...hahah...only because I'm probably the only one of your faithful readers that is still in the 20thC in that respect ..well and probably in other respects also. But don't worry! I've learned to compensate for that handicap. I just start the page loading then read email...or do the laundry etc. :) ... seriously it doesn't really take THAT long.

    OK CUTE car! and disappointed dogs :) The frog pic is SPECTACULAR because of the light. The dark and light sides complement each other perfectly and in the middle is the frog.

    And why is it that almost everytime I see dragon flies they are doing "that"??

    LOVe the exploding milkweed....and there's the smirking Knatty hahahah. ;) Cute Pic!

    Oh and the red leaf on the green grass!!!! WOW.

    Mushroom ring WAY COOL...makes me think of the Druids and some ancient magic stuff. :) leprechauns. hahah

    Ooooo and ALL the pics are just beautiful. I love the one with the farm house and bldgs off in the distance and the rain clouds.

    oh and it looks like there is still a lot of green in them thar trees, so maybe you will still have some opportunities for good leaf color pics??

    anyway very enjoyable ...lovely pics as usual :)

  5. Alas, Sexy Mexy, the green trees are the evergreens!! Our own woodlot is full of spruce and white pine. So sadly, the fall colours are already coming to a slow end. And yes, that dial-up crack was directed at you! :)

    Glad you all enjoyed the pics! Thanks for the comments. I am a comment slut.

  6. beautiful perspectives Knatolee! I loved every single photo!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!