Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucky me!

I am one of those people who "never wins anything", although I have been close to the glory of others! When I was in university, my co-worker at a bookstore won $3 million. She never returned to work, not surprisingly. And a few years back, the mother of our "Little Brother" won a Jaguar (car, not animal.)

But I have been on a lucky streak lately. First I won this very cute doorhanger in a contest on Shelley's blog (actually, she has three and they are all worth checking out!!):

Then I won this great set of Harmony straight needles from Monika, who is not only a gifted knitter, but amazingly fast (hence her blog, Smoking Hot Needles; she has beautiful dogs, too):

Finally, these lovely flowers! I went to yoga class on Friday, and at the end there was a draw to celebrate the studio's fourth anniversary. One of my classmates picked my name out of a bag, and I came home with these:

So this being Canadian Thankgsiving, I am very thankful for all these goodies coming my way! I am also thankful that I have a lovely place to live, lots of food to eat, and a healthy happy husband, not to mention healthy pets (although Alex is on a diet.) I'm thankful I'm not starving or lacking clean water or adequate shelter, like much (if not most) of the world's population. Having travelled extensively in less fortunate and less peaceful countries than Canada (but not less beautiful!), I feel very lucky to have been born here.

Now if only my luck will last, and my chosen candidate will win our federal election tomorrow! :)


  1. Lucky you! I just read a blog where a lady was giving away a mini-lap top to somebody who buys a $5 raffle ticket. It's a fundraiser for her international adtoption. Do you want the address? You may find yourself with a laptop.

  2. Anonymous9:33 am

    WOW! Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket! ;)

    You have a lot of things to be thankful for ... as do most of us.

    And I think condolences are in order for your recent election. It really is confounding and discouraging.


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