Monday, October 13, 2008

Who done it?

I keep a box of tissues in my (crappy Ikea) desk drawer. Last week, I noticed a shredded tissue hanging out. Who done it, I wonder? (Hint: look at the sticking out to the left of the drawers.)

Ta daaaaa! Did you guess?

Why am I not surprised? And isn't she getting LONG? She's growing like a weed. Naomi has been here two weeks now.


  1. Too funny!

    After Cycle North Carolina, Hannah and Emma (and their chauffeur) came to get me in Oak Island. We spent the night in a hotel. Emma discovered the tissue dispenser in the hotel. Oops!

  2. OOoooops indeed! Naughty Emma!!

    Naomi discovered the toilet roll dispenser in short order. Now the roll sits on top of the holder, so she can't unroll the entire thing like she did the other day!!!

  3. Very funny & cute! What is it w/ kiities and tissue & toilet paper! My cat is always trying to spin the roll!

  4. Beware any paper products! If Naomi likes the tissues and toilet paper, she will LOVE the paper towels!! I saw a cute picture the other day of a cat lying in a pile of shredded tissue looking OH so innocent. The caption was "Wow, look at that. The paper towels just exploded again!" Hee hee!

  5. Lizz!~ People!!! lalalalalala! I can't hear you! lalalalalala! My kitten would never discover paper towels. Never! LALALALALLALALLALA!


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