Friday, October 31, 2008


H A P P Y H A L L O W E' E N !

Well, we don't get trick-or-treaters at the farm, which means we haven't carved a pumpkin in two years (wah) and we have no leftover chocolate or candy (double wah.) I think next year I'll get off my lazy behind and carve at least one of my lovely fat pumpkins. If they aren't covered in snow, that is.

So I have for your viewing pleasure some memories of Hallowe'ens past... and yes, I am obviously obsessed with vomit. What can I say?

The Alien Knitter, 2005

Ambulance-chasing Canadian lawyer with client, 2005
(thanks Gordon, for letting me cross-dress in your clothing!)

British Columbian pumpkin that drank way too much tequila, 2004
(Note that in BC, there is RAIN on Hallowe'en, not SNOW!)
(I drank way too much tequila in 1990. I learned my lesson.)

Nova Scotian pumpkin that drank fourteen Moosehead beer, with really embarrassed girlfriend-pumpkin, 2002
(Note to guys: if you want to impress a woman, don't puke on the first date!)

Way nasty punk pumpkin, with carrot nose that totally wrecks his vicious image, 2003
(A REAL punk pumpkin would have a nose ring. Or nipple piercing. Or no nose at all. Wait, do pumpkins have nipples?!)

Dude, it's no dream. You really did barf on your first date. And no, she's not going to call you.
(I do so love Photoshop.)

The Leaning Tower of Pumpkin, British Columbia 2005
(Raining again. Quelle surprise!)

Scariest of all... what our baby might have looked like if Gordon and I had had children.

Have a great evening, keep the little ones safe, and eat some chocolate for me. I'm having sushi!


  1. You definitely like your pumpkins to be 'tossing their cookies!' ha,ha - you're a much better pumpkin carver than I!

  2. Next year you should carve a McCain pumpkin and a Obama pumpkin!!!

  3. Anonymous1:46 pm

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE the puking pumpkins!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA dog, the girlfriend one is GREAT!!

    and you should have studied law! you look smashing in the robes! :)) (I do remember the picture from the first time :))

  4. I love the knitting alien. And the pumpkin couple, that's cute!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  5. Hallowe'en is a time for scaring people. And right now I feel so very, very frightened.

  6. My work here is done.

    I would have been a terrible lawyer. No way could I have behaved in court!


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