Friday, October 17, 2008

Less serene than it looks...

"Oh," you think to yourself, "look at the cute dogs sharing a bed. Isn't that sweet?"

Pictures lie! Tristan (right) was lying on his bed with his stuffed beaver when his mean sister Sophie came over, threw herself on the beaver so Tristan couldn't have it, then fell asleep, trapping his paws in the process. That's a "Mummy, help me!" look on his face.


  1. Poor Tristan, he's a lover not a fighter. Unless it's a squrvel.

  2. The girls rule the house, here too. What Biko wants goes, Sam has to endure.

  3. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hahahhahah!!! TOOO CUTE! :DD

  4. Yep - my first thought was "oh that's sweet!" I love that look on Tristan's face!


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