Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mark November 26th on your calendars!

Holly Keller, Ronna Mogelon and I are having our annual holiday art sale on November 26th in Dunvegan, Ontario (check out last year's show here.) I'm working on some chicken art ideas. This is a sketch of Charlotte that is going to turn into some felted fibre art creation, if all goes as planned! 

Anyway, if you're anywhere near Ottawa or Montreal or very upstate New York, come see us on November 26th. There will be home-baked goodies and lots of great art. It's a good place to Christmas shop! More details will follow as the date approaches.

I was thinking that I should study up on chicken anatomy but then it occurred to me that I learned it all from all those KFC meals I ate as a kid...


  1. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Stuff the chickens (it's what they're for after all), what I am here to say is that Gordon Scott Campbell is looking mighty fine and academically distinguished on the right and if I went out on the pull with him dressed like that and me in my black and red gown (as you saw recently at my place) I'm sure we'd have our pick of the human chickens... don't you think? (Well ok, maybe the old hens, but still... we'd find something to take home, I'm sure). Not that we'd want too, of course, having such fine ladies of our own... just a thought.

  2. Anonymous2:54 pm

    "want too"? Oh... a slip. Read as "want to" please... Not that we would, I repeat. (At least I didn't say "want two... each")

  3. If you learned chicken anatomy from KFC as a kid, can we expect some drawings of drumsticks as well?

  4. ANDREW! YOu bad man! There will be no poultry stuffing!! And I'd like to see you and Gordon all dressed up in robes for a night on the town. in fact, I'd pay money to see that!

    Evlyn, you never know WHAT you'll see here.


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