Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poutine, yet again!

I have a backlog of things to post, including MORE ADORABLE DUCKLING PHOTOS! But I had to get a job off to the printer today and ran out of time for quality blogging. Instead, I bring you a tidbit from our weekend. 

We stopped for (unhealthy) lunch in Alfred, Ontario, where Gordon was unable to resist the sweet greasy siren song of poutine...

Not just any poutine, but Montreal-style smoked meat poutine!

My friend Ronna previously did a poutine review of the place we ate at, Resto Miss Alfred. Gordon would concur with Ronna's assessment. The curds were fresh and squeaky but the fries were on the greasy side, and the gravy was just okay. The smoked meat could have been better too. The place does have have lots of atmosphere and was very busy! But the service was decidedly slow.

More on our exciting (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, and photos of moose scat, in upcoming posts!

The ducklings are doing great and are quadrupling in size every day. Okay, slight exaggeration but STILL...


  1. Now that looms deliciously messy!

  2. I refer to regular poutine as 'death on a platter'. That one would be 'laid im out, and waked im' on a platter, I do believe. I can feel the arteries clogging just admiring it.

  3. Hot weather and poutine. What else could we be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

  4. Jams, it was kind of looming!

    MG, "Death on a platter", I like that! Poor little arteries...

    Ronna, it was perfection, was it not?


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