Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alfred Bog

From sewage lagoons to bogs! While were out on the Thanksgiving weekend, we stopped by the Alfred Bog, in Alfred, Ontario.

This is a beautiful, protected place that is home to one of Ontario's most southerly moose populations.  I suspect this might have been a moose trail through the bog:

Of course, it could be from deer, too. Or bog monsters.

And I'm pretty sure this was moose scat. It was too big for deer!

Doesn't everyone take pictures of wild animal poo?

You can find more info about moose tracking here. I want to go back and try to see some moose in action (but not too close!) I've seen moose in the wild several times and it's always amazing. I just never want to see one hurtling through my windshield, as happens far too often in Newfoundland.
 It was an unseasonably warm day for October, 25C and sunny. But the late-afternoon lighting was all fall...

There's a lovely 300-metre boardwalk with benches here and there.

Beautiful bogland! We had quite a lot of bog near us when we lived in Nova Scotia and I just love it.

If you're in the area, I recommend a trip to the aforementioned sewage lagoons for some great birdwatching, and a stop by this unique bog.

After we left the bog, we passed several abandoned farm houses and buildings on our way home...


 And large square bales wrapped in what we like to call "hay condoms." Ahem.

 We also passed a turf farm:

I dunno, "lawn" strikes me as very boring thing to grow!

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year around here. I think it's Mother Earth trying to soften us up for winter!


  1. Well said. I love the old abandoned buildings. I bet they have some stories. Deb

  2. Anonymous7:30 pm

    I enjoyed the photos of your trip to the bog Knatolee (and those are words I never expected to say. Life is indeed full of surprises).

  3. Deb, me too! It's a bit sad to see them, scenic though they are.

    Andrew, I wonder how Canadians will understand the "bog" double-entendre? Hahahaha! And I did see poop there!

  4. Anonymous8:37 pm

    I visited Alfred Bog a few summers ago. Cool place. I'll have to try to get to the lagoons...maybe next summer.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about Ronna. And yes, I would trade a kitten for a duckling if I was on my land. I just don't know where I'd put it in this little house. Hugs

  6. Anonymous9:40 am

    Alfred Bog looks "moosey," as Mike and I like to describe anything that looks like a moose habitat.

  7. I took the boys out to that bog last year. We had a great time but felt the boardwalk was rather short. There is another bog we are going to try some time a bit closer towards Ottawa. A friend of mine who runs a Brownie troup took her girls and liked it.

  8. It has been several years since I visited the Alfred Bog but your pics make me want to try going there again. I always liked the boardwalk - something magical about the way it goes off "into the bog!"

  9. Willowhouse, they are definitely worth seeing and the binoculars they have there are great.

    Deb, can you imagine what the cats would do if a duck moved in?

    CogDis, it's VERY moosey! I would like to go back in winter and see if I can find moose tracks (or moose.) There are some moose in our area but they are not common.

    Johanna, I felt the same about the boardwalk, especially since I saw a website that said it was 3 km, not 300 metres! SO we were expecting a longer one. I like the boardwalk at Coopers Marsh down near Lancaster.

    Evlyn, I thought it was a magical place myself.


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