Sunday, October 30, 2011

Voyageur, part 2

The rest of the pics from our Voyageur Park adventure. For those wondering what a voyageur is (as opposed to voyeur, which would be a whole other kind of park!), click here.


Gordon made me do it.

All that money spent on a sign, and they can't spell "restaurant" correctly in either of Canada's official languages!!!

Looks like a pond a beaver would love to call home!

I always love the look of silver birches interspersed with fall colours.

Beach at the park. It was a damp, cold, grey day. Reminded me of Nova Scotia!

I can never resist writing in the sand.

Some people store their campers at the park for the winter...

I was thinking that some of these probably smell pretty musty after being closed up for months on end! When I was a kid, our neighbours had one of those pop-up campers. They put it up in their backyard one summer and my friend and I spent the night in it. I still remember the smell!

More fall colours, soon to be replaced by snow and grey.

The last leafy stragglers hang on for the next stiff wind.

I love this little mushroom collection!

And fungi growing on a log.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the fight at Long-Sault but were afraid to ask.

I can't help but wonder how this pair of socks came to be abandoned here.

More fungi!

More leaves.

More berries.

When I saw this glimpse of blue in the woods, I thought we'd stumbled across "Occupy Voyageur" but nope, it was just a tarp covering some firewood.

Splash of red over the creek.

And finally, time to drive home (in the direction of Ottawa!)


  1. We camped a weekend there several years back. We had a great time. We rented a canoe for an afternoon and got seriously sunburned paddling around :) the kids liked it too. I'll have to think about going back

  2. Johanna, I am going to have to check it out in summer. I thought the beaches were nice and we'd like to take our kayaks there. But first I think I'd like to snowshoe or ski there this winter!

  3. Restaurant - I may have to use that one for one of my Daily Quest spellings. Can't believe no one caught that prior to installation - government employees!

    Socks - hmm. On our walks this summer we noted gloves as being the number one article of clothing on the side of the road, followed closely by underwear - why do people abandon their skivvies along the side of the road - okay I can probably get the scenario, but still......

  4. Again you brought back memories, memories, memories...

    First, the Fall "maple leaves" which I collected for years, dried in books, and sent, at Christmas, to my numerous European pen pals. In those days, we didn't have the Internet to communicate. We exchanged stamp collections, photos, candies, leaves..So much fun. It was a great way to visit the world.

    In 1942, we celebrated the 300th Anniversary of the Foundation of Montreal. At my school, we did huge scrapbooks and numerous plays. It was an all-girls school, of course, run by nuns. In a small skit, I was chosen to play Dollard des Ormeaux. A horrendous battle....En Avant! a dit Dollard. Et il est mort! He was only 17, the poor guy...

    I was a bit of a tomboy in those days. And I didn't like much to be a dead hero! But I was not allowed to rewrite History (as everyone does today), and make Dollard triumphantly walking back, for a great Celebration, in the Colony he had saved.

  5. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Beautiful! Those mushrooms are so interesting. All of those pics make me want to curl up with a comfortable fire and a cup of hot cocoa.

  6. You guys are rebels, crashing a Parks gate! Lovely fun-guy photos! Here, it's snow and more snow, with lots of downed limbs in your beloved Central Park!

  7. Musical Gardener, I was a bit surprised they let that go. Your tax dollars at work!! And I was pleased to see just socks and not something racier. :)

    Claude, you have some great memories. I love the thought of you playing Dollard!

    Cog Dis, I had cocoa last night. It's that time of year!

    Brian, I heard about Central Park and thought of you! Hope you had your mittens on.


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