Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come see Gordon at Bizfest in Cornwall

Gordon, my legal superstar husband, is giving a workshop at Bizfest in Cornwall, Ontario on October 19th.  It's called Surviving in an Information Universe: What Business Needs to Know About Privacy Law:

Here's the blurb from the website:

In only a few years Canadian privacy law has been transformed from something almost exclusively affecting government into regulations applying to every Canadian business. Privacy breaches are increasingly becoming national news stories, and new regulations are being continually created. The implementation of the new Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act will affect the way every business can act over the Internet.
 Come learn about how increasingly complex privacy laws govern the way you can do business with your customers and employees, including how you must secure and can share information. Learn about what constitutes personal information, and what kinds of privacy are regulated by the government versus by industry codes of conduct. Learn best practices to stay on the right side of the law, keep your customers and employees happy, and avoid business embarrassment. 
 Gordon Scott Campbell is a lawyer devoted to dispute prevention and resolution through advice, negotiations, trials and appeals. He has served as Canada’s Director of E-Business Development, as a Federal Crown Prosecutor, and as lead negotiator for Canada of Aboriginal claims. He practices privacy, tax, customs and trade, environment, immigration, occupational health and safety, Aboriginal, criminal and family law. He is the author of The Investigator’s Legal Handbook and Le manuel juridique de l’enquêteur. Find him at  and

If you're a business owner and in the area (eastern Ontario), come to the workshop! If you're not a business owner and you don't care, just mail me chocolate instead. :)


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