Monday, October 10, 2011

Julius demands equal airtime

Julius is not pleased with all this duckling adoration and is demanding equal airtime. He is not shy about making his needs known to me. Normally he parades around in front of the computer screen until I give up and feed him or rub his belly or turn on the bathroom faucet for him to drink from, whatever his whim-of-the-moment is.

"Oh, it's you again, insolent human.* Can't you see I'm trying to relax?"

(*Jams' cats refer to us skinbags as "insolent humans." Or at least, evil overlord kitty Ted does.)

"Do not disturb me from my rest. You have no need of this keyboard, foul slave."

"Are you still here? Why aren't you feeding me catnip?"

"Allow me to rub myself all over your keyboard, thus masking your fetid human scent!"

"And now to dream of mice and tasty songbirds!"

"Really? You're still here? Fetch me some salmon! You know I like salmon."

"I call this my homage to Steve Jobs."

"I like chicken too. Remember the time I got up on the kitchen counter and denuded an entire chicken carcass? If you get me some chicken, I won't pee on your computer."

"Zzzz.... dancing burlesque kitties! Catnip margaritas! Mouse heads on a platter! Zzzzzz...."

"Well, it's not catnip but I will tolerate it."

"A little to the left, stupid human!"

"Rub my tummy. I dare you! You need a few more scars on your arm."

"Enough! Begone, insolent human! Fetch me my 'nip. I have no further use for you."

Yes, he is my lord and master.

And happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks!


  1. I love him. "Happy Thanksgiving, Natalie & Gordon."

  2. "Zzzz.... dancing burlesque kitties! Catnip margaritas! Mouse heads on a platter! Zzzzzz...."

    My! Julius certainly knows how to dream up a good time! I do wonder, though, how one would make a catnip margarita.

  3. Julius is a fine boy, and I can see he has your number - little bit like my monsters. Salmon.....shhhh, don't let ours know of that, they think tuna is the top of the culinary totem pole

  4. Dam straight you should give Julius some equal airtime i=on this blog. How could anyone not melt at the sight of such feline pulchritude

    And just to show the superiority of cats, the verification word is might!

  5. The Right Honoourable Sir Edward Twistleton Tollemache Tollemache Harrington1:13 pm

    It is good to see you show respect to a feline overlord,insolent human.

    I like the expression skinbag though. It is quite a fitting description for such inferior creatures as humans,

    As for Julius he is clearly of noble extraction. I am sure he would make a fine Tyrant for that piece of earth that will soon be named OnTedio!

  6. Ah! the memories that those photos bring back. I didn't have a computer in those days, but Zorro had adopted the piano. He would elongate himself and occupy nearly the whole keyboard. He could get in a real fit when I would dare to dislodge him.

    Salmon isn't cheap but don't ever give Julius a taste of Arctic char. It was cheaper, on Baffin Island, to buy that fresh fish from the Inuits than to order cases of cat food delivered by plane.

    Returning down South proved truly expensive when Zorro (until we re-educated him) would eat nothing less than the small $6.00 can of Arctic char we could find in very few Ottawa stores.

    Great moments in my life!

  7. Lord Boris De Harryngetonne2:27 pm

    My my Julius you are an handsome fellow but we ginger gents are the most beautiful creatures on this ball of rock.

    It is a shame that you are neither a girl not a 100kilo Mastiff or I would be wandering Ontario way!

  8. You had us at "fetid human stench"!!

    Mainly because we spend the better part of our waking minutes removing our scurvy knave's (and wench's) people pox off of our lovely hides. It's a waste of time better spent eating.

    Julius, we demand to see more of you!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gordon and all of your beloved animals.

  10. Anonymous6:00 pm

    There is no doubt in my mind that those were the illustrious Julius's exact thoughts.

  11. Don QuiScottie6:44 pm

    "i=on" Jams?

    I'll track you down wherever you typo, and smite! (even as I wander towards the threatened Muir of Ord). And if this makes no sense to anyone else, so be it. Some are unaware of my noble quests.

  12. He's quite right to want a bit of airtime; he's adorable!

  13. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Julius likes ducklings as much as I do, I'm sure... once they're fattened up, though if we dine together I expect he'll decline the orange sauce.

  14. You live in a world of magical animals. Thank you for letting us visit.

    Do you ever get hairballs in your keyboard?

  15. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Ha! So you run the faucet for your cats to drink from too. I thought we were the only slaves who did that. :)

    Have you seen this video: "Kitty is a very bad mystic"? He sounds like what I imagine Julius would.

  16. Deb, thanks, and I Hope you had a great Turkey day!

    Ahab, I believe Julius has a secret margarita recipe that he might be willing to share with a nice American like you!

    Musical Gardener, my lips are sealed. Never let your cat eat the salmon skin from your dinner. THat's my advice!

    Jams, I am trying to feature Julius more often so that he doesn't slit my jugular in the night with a swipe of his razor sharp claws!

  17. Jams, Julius is quite excited at the prospect of living in Ontedio, Tedada. He has reserved some fine catnip to celebrate your coronation.

    Claude, Arctic char is my FAVOURITE fish and I refuse to share !!! You have led such a fascinating life.

    Boris, Julius could introduce you to an 80-lb dork-dog, if that helps.

    Katnip, Julius has commanded me to oblige, so I will do my best to feature him more. He also said that he really had me put up this post just to impress the beautiful lady felines of Katnip Lounge!

    Willie, looking forward to seeing you soon!

    CogDis, he exercises kitty mind control. I am but a slave to his whims.

  18. Don Biscotti, why are you named after an Italian biscuit?

    Little Blue Mouse, he deigns to thank you!


    Nance, you don't want to see the state of my keyboard, not to mention the fan intakes on my computers...

    TTPT, I LOVE that video and yes, that is Julius' vocal doppelganger. And yes, I turn on faucets for him. Amazing how cats train us, isn't it?

    Wandering Cat, that he does!

  19. Julius deserves equal airtime.
    He is so gorgeous (and knows it too!)
    Thanks Nathalie for sharing your wonderful animal world with us.

  20. Mon plaisir, Elisabeth!


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