Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Stephen Harper Colouring & Activity Book

My friend Dave Rosen has a new book! It's the perfect stocking-stuffer for all the Canadians on your list. (Well, maybe not the most right-leaning!)  Check it out here. And please visit and "like" the Facebook page.

I was Dave's "special assistant" on the book, meaning I offered some graphic design services and brainstorming. The more copies you buy, the more money Dave and I make, so GET SHOPPING! Let's make this baby a best-seller (which in Canada means selling 5,000 copies.)

The book is hilarious, and it's not just poking fun at Steve! Iggy, Rob Ford, Elizabeth May, Gilles Duceppe, Rick Mercer, Peter Mansbridge and many others are featured as well. And Brian Topp wrote the forward. Here's a blurb from the book's online store:

"Dave Rosen is the editorial cartoonist for the Montreal Mirror. His cartoons are syndicated by
Brian Topp is a columnist for the Globe and Mail and President of the New Democratic Party of Canada. He is currently running for the leadership of the NDP."

Let me just say that doing printer's layout for the book's centrefold was very difficult, because I couldn't stop laughing...

Go check it out.  It was definitely the most fun graphic design job I've had in a long time!

PS: Don't get distracted by Harper and miss yesterday's post, DUCKLING FREEDOM DAY!


  1. Okay, now you are balancing the cuteness of the ducklings with the .........

    Looks like it was a fun project!

  2. How amazing. I love knowing that you do design work. I just 'liked' his page and will check it out online to see if they ship to small islands east of you ;0) Well done!

  3. Musical Gardener, it was a LOT of laughs. Dave is a talented cartoonists.

    Móna, if you really want a copy, let me know. I'm part of the shipping department too! :)

  4. That said, i really did very little (i.e. none) on this one. Dave just needed some technical assistance getting the job ready for the printer.

  5. I hope Stephen Harper has a sense of humour. Remember what happened to that Irish teacher who produced those hilarious nudes of the previous Taoiseach, BIFFO?

  6. Uh oh. Harper definitely does NOT have a sense of humour. (He does actually like kitties, though!)

    I had to look up BIFFO... let's hope Dave and I don't end up in jail!


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