Monday, October 31, 2011

Toast Post

Gordon's been at it again with my morning toast creations. For those who think I have the most boring breakfast routine possible, relax. I'm only half boring. I always eat breakfast in two shifts: tea and whole-grain toast with some kind of nut butter when I get up, then about an hour later I have fruit and whatever else is going that day: oatmeal, cereal, poached egg. The toast is my "Feed me before I bite your arm off" pacifier.

Back to the creations...

Happy face, or is that  a chicken beak I see in the middle?

I love this one. It reminded me of the old air traffic control tower at LAX,  but Gordon said he was thinking more War of the Worlds. I'm thinking either possibility is a bit of a stretch!

And then we have some modern art...

Side view.

 Top view. 
No clue!
Finally, one of my favs...

Is it desert island with palm tree, or beach with umbrella? You decide.
Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. Toast in costumes...I betcha there's nobody else posting on this today!

  2. What? No pumpkins. Keep do him...he makes breakfast.

  3. Keep do him? Wait....Do keep him! Where's my coffee? "Gary.....

  4. Nance, I think you may be right!

    Deb, hahahahahaha!I'd better keep doing him or else I might not get my toast! ;0)

  5. All these pictures of toast are making me hungry! Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with your food?

  6. Now, that one great way to start the day!
    Every toast is a surprise!
    You gotta love that man!

  7. Evlyn, yes my Mum did! :) But I think technically it's GORDON playing with my food. Hee hee!

    Elisabeth, he's pretty sweet.

  8. Anonymous3:57 pm

    If true love could be photographed, it would look like that toast.

  9. True love is sticky like peanut butter, but good for you. Unless you're allergic. Okay, this analogy isn't working... ;)


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