Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The art show!

My friend Ronna is kindly allowing me to use her photos from our art show in my own blog post!

The sale went well and we had a lot of fun. I hooked a whole lot of little "ruglets":

And I put out some larger rugs, coloured-pencil drawings and pen-and-ink birds...

Plus I had fun doing whimsical little acrylic paintings of bugs and cats!

I also sold copies of our book, and photo cards.

Ronna had lots of her beautiful painted china. Why that lovely tea set wasn't snapped up is beyond me. I love the white coneflowers on the black china, and the ladybug accents.

I already own several of Ronna's pieces! And I am now the proud owner of this:

Ronna's folk art on wood. Love it!

She did lots of colours paintings on wood, plus some lovely framed birds and a tiny sheep...

Meanwhile, Holly had her lovely linocuts (we now own that rooster!)...

And exquisite pastels of barns and stones...

Holly did a lovely series of small acrylic paintings called "The Story of an Apple", and she also had colourful cards for sale.

Holly, Ronna and I! We set up Saturday, a job well done.

And a bit of end-of-day silliness. I was praying for good weather on Sunday!

Thanks Ronna and Holly for inviting me to participate this year. I am looking forward to next year's show.


  1. Was a real hoot, Natalie, and so happy that you are aboard. Fun to meet new friends of yours too. Great day!

  2. So many beautiful things! Glad to hear that it went well. Hopefully I'm in the area next year and can attend the show. Would love to meet you!

  3. So many pretty things! Why do you never show your hooked rugs on your blog? I totally forgot that you do that. Are there any of the little hooked rugs left? I especially liked the brown hen on green background.

  4. Fantastic! You're all so talented. Had I been nearby, I would have contributed the little bit I can do: Free Muffins for the buyers of your artworks. Congratulations to all. It must also have been quite a job to organise the exhibition.

  5. And to repack!!!!!

  6. So sorry to have missed the sale, everything looks positively delightful. Your work fits in perfectly.

  7. I wish you lived close by and not continents away so that I could have bought some of your beautiful rugs!

  8. Looks like fun! Hope there was profit! Very tempting-and my eye is naturally drawn to pieces with bugs and ROOSTERS. Now why would that be?

  9. Ronna, I am looking forward to next year.

    Paula, you are always welcome!

    Monika, I do post my rugs but it's been awhile since I've done anything big. I put all the leftovers on Etsy. My fellow artist Holly snapped up the brown hen!

    Claude, free muffins sound wonderful to me. :) And Ronna and Holly are very organized, so everything went very smoothly. I think Ronna usually has the biggest packing job, because of all the china, but she sold a lot of it. I am amassing my own collection of her work.

  10. Thanks Fran!

    Surani, I'll have to bring you something when I visit in 2014. :)

    Loulou, I am all about the roosters. Next I want to do some chicken paintings. ANd maybe a big chicken rug!


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