Saturday, November 20, 2010

Late November beauty

This afternoon, my friends Ronna and Holly and I set up for our art sale tomorrow. On the drive home, I stopped to take photos of the gorgeous sunset and moonrise. If only I'd had a tripod with me! Breathtakingly beautiful, and the light was spectacular. Pictures don't really do the scenes justice, although I am very fond of the silo shot!

Late fall in eastern Ontario. Soon the fields will be covered in snow.

The full moon is tomorrow!

A farm under the setting sun.

Moonrise and a nice old silo.

The moon reflecting off Loch Garry. Not quite as spectacular as the Loch Garry in Scotland after which it was no doubt named, but still very pretty. We have kayaked all around this lake.

Makes me want to start howling like a wolf!

Another beautiful old Glengarry barn!

Wish us luck at our art sale tomorrow. Wouldn't it be nice to sell every last piece of artwork? :)


  1. Gorgeous pics! The moon is nice and bright here - lots of luck tomorrow!

  2. Great pix. Richard said in the car that I should stop and take photos. I'm happy you did...I just sped home!

  3. Lovely photographs, Knatolee.

  4. Next time, howl at the moon. It's very liberating!
    Faboulous shots.

  5. Thanks, Wandering Cat! The show went well. Thanks Sean and Ronna! And Elisabeth, I promise to howl next time.

  6. Wow..Sunset pictures are my favourties!

  7. K, it's hard to capture the real beauty of a sunset in a picture, but it's fun to try. :)

  8. beautiful photos, beautiful place.

  9. Thank you Vak. It was a spectacular evening.


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