Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The view this morning...

The view from our window this morning....

One hopes the hand brake doesn't fail! (Do combines have hand brakes??) The farmer who owns the land next to us was harvesting soybeans until after dark and parked his rig aimed at our house. :)

I love the views around here!

Meanwhile my friend Jeanne in California sent us a couple of stylin' John Deere ball caps. Jeanne works on a farm there and has connections! Good thing Gordon is manly-man enough to wear pink. (Good thing you can't see that I'm wearing pajamas with that sweatshirt!)


  1. it looks cold there....
    has winter just about started???

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Pink John Deere hats? Who knew?!!! I thought they were stuck on green.

  3. John, after that snow at Hallowe'en, we've had a warmer-than-usual November. Yesterday it was around 12C and sunny, and the bees were bringing pollen into the hive! But I heard the "snow" word mentioned in weather forecasts for later next week. By the end of November, things have usually started up for real. We're getting the snow tires on our cars next week.

    Marylee, only in America! :) I bet you can't find pink John Deere hats in Canada.


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