Friday, November 19, 2010

Medal's here!

Yesterday the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards medal and certificate for Katie of the Sonoran Desert arrived...

(Maybe if I earn enough from the book, I can afford to burn my hideous office wallpaper and have the 100-year-old plaster walls repaired!)

Evidently it's not solid gold! But it is very cool. The circle in the centre spins!


  1. I am dying of laughter over that second pic! You lady, are hysterical.

    You said medal and certificate but you forgot to add giant check. There is a giant check right?
    Even if there isn't, its pretty freakin awesome.

  2. Thanks Ronna!

    Sugarcreek, I had stop biting the medal since it occurred to me that my teeth might mark the not-actually-gold metal on the medal.

    Uhhhh, check? No check (or as we Canadians like to spell it, "cheque"!) It's all about the glory and the shiny medal and the flashy award stickers for the published books. But one hopes that such awards will lead to more book sales, which one hopes will lead to greater royalties for the illustrator who hasn't covered her advance yet. :)

    I would so like a giant check/cheque some day! But the certificate came in a very pretty folder!

  3. nat
    I wanted to say ( and remember I am not being a cyber pest here....(gay middle aged man remember?)
    but u are a very pretty lady!

  4. John my love, you can say that AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!! I never spurn a compliment. :)

  5. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Natalie, your eyes are just glowing with happiness over your accomplishment! Congratulations!

  6. Wow, that is a very cool medal. Congrats.

  7. I was so happy when you posted that you had won. Remember you weren't sure if you would get to the award ceremony. So glad that you did, so happy for you that you won and now delighted that you have the medal in your hands (mouth) to prove it.
    Congratulations Natalie, so very well deserved.

  8. THanks James and TTPT and Paula.

    Paula, I actually didn't get to the ceremony. They mailed me the medal and certificate! I still wish I could have gone. Traverse City, MI sounds like a cool spot!

  9. CONGRATS, Nat!!! I was just reading some old posts of yours - I got behind with all the holiday festivities! Way to go with the award medal!!!


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