Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not quite the Texas Chainsaw Massacre...

Our friend Eugene took Gordon out chainsawing on Sunday. Eugene is very experienced with the saw and has taken a safety course, so he ensured that Gordon was doing things properly, and sent him home with all his limbs intact.

That looks like a devilish grin under the face shield. The tree must be trembling with fear!




Eugene and his son brought one of their horses out into the bush to get him used to the sound of chainsaws. These heavy horses pull the wood out of the woodlot after it has been cut. We are getting a load of firewood from Eu this winter.

I think Gordon looks quite striking in purple and orange!

Thanks to Eugene for the photos. I was at home cleaning out the garage, considerably less fun.


  1. My lady told me there is something very strange about how men get with chainsaws.... that berserker grin just tells it all!

  2. mmmmhhhh, Gordon

    could you teach me how to use a chainsaw at my home?:-)

  3. WOW! Just lost my old heart to a bearded, purple orange, chainsaw Knight!

  4. Thanks for visiting my Blog Natalie : ) We could fair go some of that wood for our log burner! It's still snowing.

  5. Ooh if only I could be let lose with a chainsaw,, I would have so much fun - not that we have any trees to cut but that is not the point!

  6. Happy chainsawing, Gordon! Randy is a pro with the chainsaw, too. He keeps us in firewood all winter long! Yeah for a warm house!


  7. "Bererker grin" says it all, Isobelle!

    Willie, I'm sure Gordon could teach you a few things!

    Claude, Gordon is pleased. :)

    Aileen, I keep hearing about the atrocious Scottish weather! Hope it warms up soon.

    Jams, you could come play in our woodlot. We have a ridiculous number of trees that need to be thinned out.

    Lynn, there is nothing like a wood fire in winter. Ahhhhhh!


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