Thursday, November 18, 2010

Times have changed!

I recently came across the photo page from my parents' British passport from the late 1950s, the year before they moved to Canada. They were still in their 20s. What's amusing is that in those days, British wives still went on their husband's passports, instead of getting one of their own.

I am very glad times have changed!


  1. And for the better. There is one other sexist thing I am glad is dead (I hope its dead) calling a woman Mrs Jhon Smith or whatever her husband is called.

    That brings the Handmaid's Tale to mind where the handmaids were called ofFred or whatever their master was called...

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  2. Does that mean that a wife couldn't travel internationally without her husband?

  3. But see how happy they looked. Now we're not allowed to smile for passport photos. (it's o.k. though for drivers' licenses.)

  4. When my mother became a widow in 1964 with 3 very young children, she had to go to court to be our legal guardian. She was the one of the first women I know to use her own name (maiden).

  5. My mother was the only woman I knew who, in the late 30s, would use her maiden name in front of my father's name. She had been very active in obtaining for women the right to vote in Quebec, in 1940. A woman finally became defined as a person because of tireless pioneers like her.

    I'm not certain that it made women any happier. As a matter of fact, it gave them more responsibilities. And it took away many charming gestures of courtesy that men had learned to practice since boyhood like lifting up a hat to salute the ladies and opening doors for the weaker sex.

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    What a handsome couple!

    Every time I read the obituaries from our local paper I get steamed because the women are invariably listed as "Mrs. So and So" with their first names not revealed until much further down in the obit. I guess it's a throwback to when being a "Mrs." was the ultimate achievement that a woman could hope for, but it still irks.

  7. I do like being a Mrs. but cant imagine what it was like back then.

    Your parents are nice looking.

  8. I'm with you Jam. My in-laws love to address everything to me in that way. I suppose I let it go because they are now octagenarians. My FIL was less than impressed that I didn't take Gordon's surname when we married! I still joke that it's because I didn't want everyone to think I'm Scottish! (Especially since my parents were English/Irish!)

    Good question HWB!

    Fran, the smiling ban is a drag. My current passport photo is quite hideous.

    Elisabeth, that's just amazing. Imagine going to court to become guardian of your own kids!!

    Claude, wow, I am amazed by your Mom (but then I am amazed by you, too!) And as modern as I like to think I am, I still enjoy having doors opened for me and chairs pulled out and such. That's my Dad's influence. He was big on treating the ladies like ladies! :)

  9. Sorry, JAMS, I didn't mean to type "Jam"... hahaha. What flavour are you? Strawberry?

  10. Sugarcreek, I think that if women want to be "Mrs", that's just fine! :) I get called "Mrs. C" a lot and I don't mind. I think most women still take their hubby's names but I'm not sure.

    TTPT, that is NOT the way my obituary will be written!!! :)


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