Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dogs love goose poop!

...and wild turkey poop, and chicken poop, and cat poop, and their own poop. Which goes a long towards explaining the rancidity of their intestinal eruptions!

"Sophie, don't you think Canada goose poop is the tastiest?"
"No, Tristan, to be honest I prefer the subtle nuances of wild turkey!"

Apart from this, we had a very nice walk yesterday.

Tristan enjoyed his daily swim!

Sophie enjoyed her daily hunt for meadow voles and chipmunks (she usually catches nothing!)

Mr. Handsome!

Winter's coming!

And poor Errol Flynn! Someone is pulling out his tail feathers. He only has one or two left. But I think changes are afoot amongst the rooster ranks. Errol is definitely the biggest and he seems to be standing up for himself a bit more. I'm not sure who will end up as top rooster: him or Lord Gaga.

Speaking of Lord Gaga, do you like how he stands above everyone else?

He has a beautiful tail!

And Beaker remains the randiest. He is smaller than the black hens. Beaker sometimes manages to grab onto one of them and won't let go, and ends up being dragged around the coop by his beak until the hen can shake him off. Other times he succeeds quite well with the ladies!


  1. Goose and turkey droppings? Clearly your dogs have a discerning palate!

  2. bloody dogs
    they have some really disguesing habits dont the?

  3. We always have to watch Max when out walking as he tries to eat other dog's poop. He's pretty fussy though and doesn't try to eat just any of them...just some. LOL
    Great photos as always :)

  4. I will never understand dog's affinity for gross things.

    As for Errol Flynn's missing tail feathers, perhaps one of the other roosters has been plucking them during squabbles over dominance? Have they been known to do that before?

  5. Dog eating poop.....that explain their propensity for sniffin' butts! Checking for vintage???

  6. Oh Elisabeth, if you'd seen the things I've seen those dogs do... eeeeeyuw!!!

  7. Yes Jams, very discerning. They'll eat ANYTHING. INcluding snotty Kleenex!

    John, I always keep these things in my mind when Sophie and Tristan run up wanting to kiss me.

    Paula, Max is much more discerning than my two!

    Ahab, that is possible indeed although it seems the tide is turning down there, and I strongly suspect Errol will be or already is alpha rooster. It's also possible the hens are yanking out his feathers, since the black girls don't take much crap from those rooster-boys! :)


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