Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyone needs an office duckling!

What, you don't have an office duckling? I bet you wish you did!

 I get Hannibal all cleaned up and healed and back with his flock, and what happens? More ducklings decide to sample the tasty, protein-filled delights of their delicious siblings. I brought this little girl up for a warm bath and a front-porch recuperation period today. I'll see how she's doing tomorrow with the bleeding wingtips.

I wrapped her up in a dog towel, gave her a soothing rubdown, and sat with her for awhile to dry her off before putting her back out in her cage.

Never a dull moment around here. Never.

More horrific facts about ducks. I keep reading that boredom can lead to duckling cannibalism but for the love of duck, they are living in a huge duckie paradise down there. I cannot believe they are understimulated!!!


  1. you two are duckling man
    you daft sods

  2. Anonymous8:22 pm

    "Never a dull moment" is right!

  3. Methinks that word has got out in duckville, that for the risk of a few feathers, there's a spa day awaiting the most adventurous natured ducklings, right next door in the farmhouse.

    Shortly they'll be tap tapping at the door, with their little towels and speedos, and their loveliest British accents, "Please ma'am could I have some more...."

  4. Awww, John, I haven't been called a "daft sod" since my parents were alive. Sniff, lovely!

    CogDis, it's all gonna be a book one day. CANNIBAL DUCKLINGS!

    Musical Gardener, first we had CHICKEN SPA. Now we've got DUCK SPA! I got a good laugh out of the image of little British ducklings in Speedos knocking at my door. :))

  5. Anonymous8:51 pm

    I keep saying we need a house duck, maybe trade off for a soon-to-be barn cat or something, but Knat doesn't seem to be going for it! I even promised to find on sale Pampers!


  6. Well, up to this moment I had never met an office duck. I'm still trying to get me a new office cat. None want to oblige. Have fun but you'll be cleaning up feathers.

  7. They've become duck vampires, tormented by an insatiable thirst for each other's blood.

  8. Those ducks are little meanies eating on each other...LOL! or maybe they just like getting a nice warm bath and some cuddle time... so they found out if they pick at each other then they will eventually ALL get to come in the house for a visit...Ok, I might be reading to much into this...LOL! Have a nice weekend! Hugs Jennifer

  9. Deb, they are sooooo cute! If messy.

    Ahab, I had to segregate another one today. If this keeps up, I'm going to give them all vampire names!

    Jennifer, I suspect you may be right. THey are all scheming to get in the house for the duckie spa treament!!

  10. Lol, you should name one Edward. I've had issues with chickens picking at each other. Once the bleeding starts, they do become cannibals! What's up with that? And I betcha your duckies are getting just a might bit spoiled with your spa time and attention!!! Gotta love them!

    Good luck!

  11. Edward, I like that!:)


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