Saturday, October 08, 2011


Yes, I admit it. I am BESOTTED with my ducklings. But wouldn't you be too, if you came across a tiny bundle of feathered adorableness such as this?

Sleeping peacefully with beak tucked under a teeny-tiny, not-fully-feathered wing!

Mama Eugenia and her babies enjoying an uncharacteristically warm October evening.


We're so glad she recovered from her bout with Gordon's foot a couple of weeks back.

Danger Duck (right) and friend. Danger Duck  is the tiniest duckling!

A little grooming before tuck-in time.

I took my Nikon SLR down there today and I have LOTS more photos a-comin'. Ducklings, ducklings, ducklings, and maybe a few chickens.

I LOVE my ducks. Can you tell?


  1. We have hen eggs in the incubator right now and I am so mad. I WANT more ducks. You babies are to freaking die for. We normally plan them for Spring and that is just too far away. Oh - I know how you feel. I sit and watch mine for endles hours of enjoyment. Have you a pond? We have a two tier one. WIth a pump and filter. Not huge but hours of splash time fun when they are this age.....Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  2. Such a foul post.

    ha ha ha...I crack myself up...the bebbehs are BEYOND cute!

  3. You love your ducks?
    I would never have guessed!

  4. I love your ducks to :o) looking forward to more picks. Hugs, Jennifer

  5. Anonymous9:25 am

    Your love for your ducklings is completely understandable. They are damn cute, especially that sleeping one with the not-fully-developed wing.

  6. I totally know how you feel about those adorable widdo bittie duckiepoos! Oh I love'em too!

  7. The ducks are outside
    To see the world, cats and dogs
    Knatolee's in love

    Wow a non pervy haiku.. that must be a first for me!

  8. Yes I can. I bet you have as much dust on your tables as I do. Check this out

  9. How can you keep where they sleep clean? I have only one duck and she makes the biggest mess in the chicken coop... unfortunately her siblings died from predetation and disease... getting another one in four weeks! hopefully....

  10. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Awwwwww!!!! Really sweet.

    Have you named them? That's a lot of ducks!

  11. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Awwwwww!!!! Really sweet.

    Have you named them? That's a lot of ducks!

  12. Mona, I never knew ducklings were so much fun!! We don't have a pond right now, just a kiddy wading pool. We do have a natural pond on our farm but it's a almost a kilometre back from the house. We have plans to build a duck pond close to the barn eventually. Your pond sounds fabulous!!

  13. Katnip, you cracked me up too! :)))

    LBM, it's hard to tell, isn't it?

    Jennifer, I have a backlog! THey're coming. :)

    CogDis, they melt my heart!

    Nancy, I wuv my adorable widdle bittie duckiepoos!!!

    Jams,I almost thought an imposter had written that, it was so clean.

    Deb, love that blog!!

    Sophie,it's not easy. We have them on straw bedding and we fork out the top layer when it starts to get revolting, then spread fresh straw. I am considering whether to use wood shavings under the straw. My chickens are on a deep-litter wood shavings method, but the ducks are WAY messier! I'm still experimenting. Hope things go well with your duckling and the one you're getting to go with her!

    Marylee, we will name them all. Amy Winehouse will remain Amy, but I really think Squishy, Danger Duck and Brownie deserve better names. :) We will have a total of 16 ducks, but we have lots of space. Still, no more babies anytime soon!


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