Monday, December 27, 2010

Woolly Cairns

I have just lately started to experiment with needle-felting. Back in July, I made a little hedgehog from a kit I bought from Woolpets on Etsy. And recently I discovered Aileen Clarke's lovely textile art. So I decided to try making a little picture for my friend Judy, for Christmas. She breeds Cairn terriers and lives on a farm near ours. This was the result:

It is quite small, with the inner picture measuring 6"w x 4" h. Of course now all I can see is the boo-boos I made (whacked-out perspective, lopsided roof), but Judy was very pleased with it. The brown backing is llama fibre (Judy has a pet llama) and the rest is wool fleece. The stick is from our woodlot!

Close-up of Cairns.

I see lots of potential for this technique, and I want to do some 3-D felting as well (like the hedgehog.) A fun new addiction!


  1. I really like this, the little dogs are so cute. It must have taken a long time to make.

  2. You did a super job! Love that so many personal things were incorporated into this lovely gift.

  3. So cute! I did a little needle felting and it definitely takes some practice - your picture is excellent

  4. This is great Natalie! The detail in the terriers is wonderful and the whole scene very pleasing : )I think you'll get on fine with needle felting.

  5. Good Grief Lady, that is stunning! And your first try? Show off. ;)

  6. Oh thank you all!! I have the art background for this stuff, but the technique is new to me (but glad to know I wowed you, Sugarcreek, ha ha!)

    Aileen, I really have to learn not to stab my finger with the felting needle quite so much! Blood is not an attractive addition to a pastoral scene. ;)


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