Monday, December 20, 2010

Murdering a Christmas Tree 2010, Part 2

All hen-pecking aside (splendid examples in yesterday's video), the weather was gorgeous yesterday and we had a great time out in the woodlot. The sun was warm, the snow was sparkly and fluffy, and the temps were near 0C.

I wonder where the airplane that left that contrail was off to?

In the woodlot, we found the remnants of last year's tree.

To get a half-decent tree, we cut down a large tree, then trim the top off to size. If you're feeling sorry for the trees, don't. We need to thin about 5,000 trees from our white pine/white spruce woodlot. So far we've managed two.

Gordon, wearing my sunglasses on lieu of proper eye protection, stands next to this year's chosen candidate. By the way, sunglasses are actually worse than no eye protection at all, so for God's sake, don't follow his example! He was only using his battery-operated chainsaw but he should have brought his proper safety glasses, which he always uses with his gas-powered chain saw. Do not follow this smiling man's safety example, boys and girls!

He did a great notching job and felled the tree perfectly, despite his wife's nagging (see video of yesterday!)

Since I have been to the ER with an X-acto blade injury (back when we still did paste-up by hand in the graphic design studio), I will NEVER use a chainsaw. I am very, very bad with sharp things and have several bloody ER trips to my credit. Sophie and I were just posing for the purposes of the blog!

I carried the chainsaw home, and Gordon dragged the tree.

He was getting hot and tired at this point. Note that he is no longer wearing the hat I knit for him!

The contrail had poofed out by the time we headed back, but it was still a beautiful day. We managed to ram the tree through the sliding doors in the family room, and here it is in all its glory:

Okay, well, I SWEAR it will look better with decorations. Really! Stay tuned!Decorating tonight!

And Alex thinks it's just fine as is!


  1. That looks fine! I'd come up and eat that tree any time! Yummy yum. We don't have yummy pine trees of any height that I could munch. I asked my lady about getting me a munchable tree but she said she'd rather buy a bag of grain with the money. Darn. Maybe next year! I'm looking forward to see you decorating the tree!

  2. Boy, Isobelle, I wish I could set you loose in our woodlot to weed out all the spindly pine and spruce trees. You'd be a big help! Come live with me and you can have all the pine trees you want. But your lady would miss you very much.

    I wonder how a goat would decorate a tree? I think maybe a goat such as yourself would just EAT the decorations!

  3. I love that battery operated chainsaw. What a hoot!
    Looking forward to the decorations.

  4. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Brrrr! Maybe the tree was glad to be brought inside. I see the potential.

    I saw this post on another blog and think your girls might need some of these. :)

  5. Marylee, I am still threatening the tree with napalm. It does like marginally better with decorations (picture to follow!) And I LOVE the chicken sweaters!!!!

  6. Freshisle, it definitely needed more charging!

  7. Well, you did w good job with your tree.

    Wishing everyone a



  8. You too, Willie & Sue! Your card is coming!

  9. I recognize that contrail on that airplane because I was on that airplane. I was on my way to Japan and I saw you and waved but you were too busy with your camera to wave back.

  10. Ooops, sorry Nick! My bad!

  11. That's a mighty fine tree there.


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