Friday, December 31, 2010

Little cluckers!

And now, my last (I think) and 268th post for 2010...

It has been a while since I posted any chicken pics. We are overdue!

That's Georgiana and Penelope on the perch, the three rooster boys (Lord Gaga, Errol Flynn and Beaker) in the centre, Buttercup's butt on the back left, Tina Turner on the right, and poor Chicky up front. Chicky has always been at the bottom of the pecking order, and the boys have been having their way with her far too much. I have ordered her a chicken saddle because her feathers are being worn off on her back and shoulders, and we don't want that to go any further. Eventually she might bleed, then the hens would start pecking at her, and it would all get pretty ugly. So a saddle is on its way! Sometimes, love hurts.

And someone keeps yanking out Errol's most resplendent tail feathers! Plus I found him in a nest box the other day, all hunkered down and making cute little noises like he was about to lay an egg. Either he likes it in the nest box because it's warm and cozy, or he's confused about his gender. Or perhaps he is just embracing his feminine side! All perfectly acceptable.

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, is a lovely specimen. She lays small, creamy white eggs. All the other hens lay brown ones. She is part Silkie and who knows what else? Her cluck is the daintiest of all!

Errol Flynn escorts Penelope Pigeonator across the barn floor. Long ago, there were dairy cows in this barn. We need to tidy it up a bit and get it ready for llamas, goats, ducks and who knows what else!

Buttercup, Penelope and Georgiana bask under the heat lamps, not unlike rotisserie chickens...

Tina Turner likes to roost up near the ceiling, as do Penelope and Buttercup and sometimes Georgiana. It's a good place to go to escape the affections of the roosters!

And there was a pretty sunset yesterday...

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy, happy 2011!


  1. Great minds think alike - we've both posted about hens today!
    I've never heard of a chicken saddle before, very interesting.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Nat - That's the same place I ordered my chicken saddles from! Some of our ladies were taking a beating this past summer. They didn't mind the saddles at all! Right now my sweet little Lucy is wearing a saddle because she has a naked back - I think she picks out new feathers as they grow in. I love her, but she's not that smart, porr little darling. Your chickens are oh-so-cute! Happy New Year!

  3. What beautiful ladies. here's wishing you and Gordon a very happy new Yer

  4. Ronna, Chicky needs all the support she can get!

    Little Blue Mouse, great minds think alike and all that. Have a happy 2011!

    Lynn, that's so neat! I found a link to her sit on the Backyard Chickens forums. I hope Chicky will feel better with her saddle. She has been under the heat lamp a lot; I'm sure she's cold without those feathers! Hope Lucy manages to grow back some feathers soon.

    And Jams, thank you! Same back at you.

  5. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I didn't realize raising chickens was such a soap opera. A chicken saddle, huh?

  6. Marylee, it is a complete and utter soap opera, not to mention hilarious!! The antics of my dogs and cats look tame by comparison.

  7. Happy New Year to you and Gordon.
    Love the chick pix.

  8. Bonne année, Elisabeth!

  9. I take it that Penelope is Errol Flynn's favorite hen?

    Razzberry Corner -- You said that your hen Lucy might be picking out her back feathers. I've heard of pet parrots doing this, but I didn't know chickens did it too. Do you know what might motivate a chicken to feather-pluck?

  10. Ahab, the roosters definitely have their favourites! ANd I think Penelope is Errol's special girl, while Chicky is the coop slut, used and abused by all three boys!

    And I need an answer to your question for Lynn, as I am pretty sure some of Chicky's missing feathers are her own doing.

  11. I'm back! I definitely think my hen Lucy picks out her own feathers. She hasn't actually molted, she's very late molting, and because of all the wear and tear on her back she got a bald spot. Then, as the new feather shafts came in, they would disappear. We continually inspected her every night for signs of improvement. Then we saw her in the evening on the roost in the coop picking at her own back. I think the feather shafts are hard and poke her skin as they grow in. So she pulls them out. That makes it feel better to her, but alas, she's bald on her back still! She's been wearing a saddle for about a week now and her feather shafts are finally starting to grow back in. She's not too happy with the saddle, but she's such a sweet hen, she's tolerating it. I'm not taking it off till she's got feathers on her back. One night of picking can ruin all the work we've done.

    Nat, I hope the saddle helps Chickie!

    I agree with Knatolee, the roosters have their favorite hens for sure. My white leghorn roo is very picking about his hens. Other roos are not so picky.

  12. Hmmm... I bet Chicky is pulling the same stunt as Lucy, pulling out feather shafts. I am going to start keeping a closer eye on her!


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