Wednesday, December 01, 2010

That design training comes in handy...

I spent several years of my graphic design career specializing in packaging design. That's now coming in handy for honey labels! I must be the last person on earth who doesn't own a colour printer. I'm still using the Apple LaserWriter 4/600PS that I bought in 1996, because I need a postscript printer for my work and have not yet found a printer I like better. But it only prints greyscale. So this year I went with monochromatic labels. Eventually I will have some professionally printed in colour, but not until the honey sale revenues are greater than the price of label-printing!

I used one of my photos on the label, then hung a little booklet of honey factoids from a ribbon around the lid.

We can barely keep up with the demand for local honey. One person bought my entire stock of heavenly basswood honey, and now everybody is buying multiple jars of the goldenrod for Christmas gifts! I get a lot of satisfaction out of selling our nice honey to appreciative customers. All the 500g jars are now gone and we just have some 1 kg jars left.

I had to squirrel away a couple of jars for us before they all disappear.

Thank you to our hard-working bee girls, who really deserve all the credit.


  1. I love honey and sure wish I lived close to you so I could buy up some of those jars. The labeling looks great. Very professional.

  2. Excellent. Personaly I think the monochrome labels look great,

  3. I think your labels look great.
    The contrast of the black with the golden honey works expecially well. I don't think colour would have improved them.
    Good job on the labels and the honey harvest.

  4. I too vote for b&w. Classy looking labels!

  5. Oh, Knatolee, everytime you mention honey I want bees again! We went thru this big thing this past summer where I almost got bees, but decided to put it off till next year. You know, I really don't make much money with the egg sales, so I really didn't think the honey would be that profitable, either. But it sounds like it's going great for you! And that's encouraging for me!

    I love the black & white labels. Classy. We have 2 printers, a color and a black/white. We like the b/w one best for everyday printing needs. It's a laser printer which is sharper/nicer.

    Again, congrats on the honey sales! Thanks for the encouragement! Next year I'm going to be a bee mama!! Yeah!!

  6. My mother's cheap printer stopped working (it would no longer recognize the yellow ink cartridge) so she wanted to replace it with a black and white printer. Fewer parts to break and she had no need of the colours for the few letters she prints.

    Do you know how bloody hard it is to find a non-colour printer nowadays?

  7. Such cute packaging! I think the b&w works well against the golden honey color.

    Do you ever intend to sell your honey online?

  8. I love the look of your labels just as they are. Classic.

  9. Those facts are really interesting, no wonder we say busy as a bee!
    This is probably a stupid question, but how do you get the bees to just visit a certain plant like the goldenrod (I'm presuming your goldenrod is the same as ours with the yellow flowers).

  10. Love the idea of the little booklet. Once again....I wish you lived closer! Here in SL it's a little difficult to find good natural honey. You'd have to visit specific supermarkets.

  11. oh those look awesome! can you bring me a jar when you come in 2014? :)

  12. *blinks* Perhaps I should ask if I could get a jar from you before *everything* is gone. We go through honey in my household very quickly. ;)


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