Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope there aren't too many hangovers out there today. I had half a Guinness to drink and fell asleep at 10:30 pm! Pathetic!! I did make some rather lovely strawberry-ricotta French toast this morning.

And now, over to Tristan. The poor dog is completely whipped by Sophie. She makes sport of stealing his toys. Yesterday he decided to hide under my desk with one of his Christmas prezzies. As you can see, no one would ever notice him there...

(Like that new Wacom tablet on my desk? I am still figuring out how to use it!)

"Please Mommy, don't let that b*tch Sophie steal my toy!"

I can't imagine that that plastic footrest makes for a very comfy pillow!
Poor Tristan...


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    I can understand you: I'm completely teetotal, so a little beer drives me crazy! My night was very very quiet, I don't love caos and my cat was always with me... she was afraid for the loud rumor of shots! *_*

    M. Cohen

  2. ....i hada SLIGHT hangover!!
    hey ho

  3. Happppppy New Yearrrrrrr! Still drinking...

    I'm joking! I celebrated New Year with my 80 yr old mom! We didn't get drunk! :) so now I have some making up to do! Hope you guys have a great 2011!

    Lynn & Randy at Razzberry Corner

  4. Anonymous8:20 pm

    I whooped it up with a glass and a half of wine.

    Miss Piggy is making the visiting granddog miserable here by CONSTANTLY stealing her bones. Miss P will hide hers and steal granddog's bone, even though they're identical. (sigh) We've had to write names on them.

    Happy New Year. The french toast sounds divine.

  5. Poor Tristan! My Peno can sympathize - those bad boy cats steal her stuff all the time.

    We didn't make it until midnight either... so you're not alone! Happy New Year!

  6. M. C., nothing wrong with a quiet evening with kitty!! SOunds perfect in fact.

    John, hangovers at New Year's are perfectly fine. I just happen to be a failure as a drunk.

    Lynn, hope you and Randy and your family (human and feathered and furred) have a GREAT 2011!

    Marylee, that extra half glass would have put me over the edge, LOL. And Miss Piggy sounds like Sophie, except Sophie is MEAN to her brother.

  7. WanderingCat, poor Peno!!! And I'm glad I'm not the only New Year's eve party pooper around here. ;)

  8. Happy New Year, Knatolee!

  9. Thanks Ahab! You too!

  10. Hi Knatolee,

    Wish you a fabulous new year ahead!!!


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