Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please vote

This will benefit my local shelter, where our tripod kitty Alex is from. The top three winners get funding. My shelter needs and deserves this $10,000. It is in a very economically-depressed area, and there are far too many mistreated and abandoned pets around here. Please vote! Voting ends Feb 28th. 

Read more about the SD & G OSPCA shelter here.

Alex was found in a leghold trap. Some kind soul took him to the SPCA, where they amputated his hind leg and put him up for adoption. 

I am no fan of Pepsi (I don't drink pop, and even when I did, I was a Coca Cola gal!), but I really want this idea to get funding, so I swallowed my pride, signed on, and am voting daily. Please help us by doing the same! I know it's a bit of pain, but I will be hugely grateful if you can help out. Let's get this idea into the top three.


  1. Very frustrating. I tried 8 times and it wouldn't accept my word verification so I gave up. I've done it before...this time it said it was having trouble. Was it me? The site? Not sure. But I'll have to try and remember to do this again. Man, this makes me mad. I want to vote and I can't !!

  2. I find the word verification annoying but I usually end up with one I can read after I refresh it. It's stupid, though.


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