Sunday, July 04, 2010


I've been wanting to try needle-felting for some time, so I finally bought myself a little kit from Wool Pets on Etsy, to start out with. I decided to make a hedgehog for my friend's 13-year-old daughter, who is arriving tomorrow for a week's visit.

It was pretty simple and fast, and I thought it turned out okay, although the schnozz could be a bit smaller:

They warn you that the felting needles are sharp. I only drew blood twice!

We'll see where this leads. The next one I'm going to design myself, and it will be larger and more elaborate and probably a chicken.

Speaking of chickens, we are working on obtaining some Chantecler chicks from Québec. Chanteclers are an rare heritage breed that originated with the monks of the Abby of Notre-Dame du Lac in Oka, Québec (also where delicious Oka cheese was born!) I think we've lined up a source. Stay tuned!

I have a future visions of another coop filled with rescued battery hens.


  1. Hi Nat,

    love your "Igel".

    The new chicks are good meatproducers according to wikepedia.:-)


  2. Uhh . . . needle-felting? Are you quite within your realms of decent faculties, or should we turn you in to the requisite authorities?

    To whom should I apologise, the next time I must explain just how I know you?

    "Needle-felting". It sounds odd at first but I suppose one could get used to it.

    After all, we're living in a society.

  3. And I want a Knattie-made hedgehog . . .

  4. That hedgie is perfectly adorable.

  5. How do I get one???????!!!!!

  6. Good lord man, I have enough fibre left over to make you one!

  7. Willie, your evilness knows no bounds!!!

    Chef Nick, no one EVER said I was within the realms of decent faculties. HAHAHAAHAA!

    Dephal (the only civilized one here today), thank you!

  8. Hmmmm. Tasty, tasty battery hens.

    Love the 'hog!

  9. That Hedgie is the sweetest hedgie I've ever seen.

  10. It's ADORABLE!! I'd love to try to make a little sheep. I can't wait to see your new hens.

  11. Hey, what is it with Wombat Boy? He seems to share many of my sensibilities . . .

    You know, Knattie, in all the years now that I've known you, I may have SEEMED to become dormant, but now it looks like I'm not alone in my obsession with your chickens.

    Look mightily to Gordini for muscle.

    (You don't seriously think that cheap Home Hardware chicken wire is any REAL protection, do ya?)

  12. Genny, it's really easy! CHeck out the kits that Wool Pets does on Etsy:

  13. You did a great job on your first piece. Can't wait to see the chicken you make. Bet it is not only big but colourful :)

  14. You know me too well, Paula. I love bright colours.


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