Monday, July 12, 2010

We iz tired!

Sophie loves the visiting teenager, but is very very very tired!

Alex has been thoroughly spoiled. Don't ask me (a) why he's on the table (b) next to a very old cat bed normally seen on the floor (b) behind a wall of cereal boxes (d) being offered the dregs of a yogurt container.

The dogs were very pleased to get a chance at the yogurt dregs, although Sophie was not so keen on sharing with Tristan!

Utter bliss!

Meanwhile, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, I felt sorry for the Ceremonial Guard and CG Band, clad in wool jackets and bearskin hats, standing for inspection in the 35C heat last week! The medics were there with a stretcher, but no one keeled over. Amazing!


  1. what are the uniforms?
    looks like a British coldstream guards!!!

  2. John, no doubt they copied the idea from the British, given our links!

    The CG website said this:
    "The first Guard Mount took place on Parliament Hill on July 2nd, 1959. It was carried out by the Regiment of Canadian Guards, a Regular Force regiment of the Canadian Army. The Public Duties Detachment was later manned by the two Reserve Guards Regiments, the Governor General's Foot Guards, from Ottawa and the Canadian Grenadier Guards, from Montreal.

    The Ceremonial Guard, today, is a composite Canadian Forces Unit of over 400 people that includes a Foot Guard company and the Band of the Ceremonial Guard. This year, the majority of the Guard is composed of Regular and Reserve Force Guard and includes soldiers from regiments across Canada and for the first time, the ceremonial members from Canada's Navy and Air Force. "

  3. I used to be in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve as a musician (mostly we were university music students!) and one of my fellow sailors joined the CGs for a summer to play in the band on Parliament Hill. She said it was very very hot!!

  4. Ah, John, here you go:

    "As any guard unit in the Canadian Forces, uniforms originate from the Queen's Guard."

  5. Knatolee - I know you spoil the heck out of your animal kids! Yogurt for everybody! ( I think I need to offer some to my pup and fat cat!) lol!

  6. Sophie looks like I feel. Lucky dog!

  7. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Bearskin hats in July? YIKES!

  8. I think Sophie's being extra spoiled by your visitor!
    It's toooo hat here as well. Too hot.

  9. I'm sick of the humidity and heat now!! But very glad I don't have to wear a bearskin hat in summer. (The bears are probably glad too!)


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