Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poutine Fest

The rest of Rachel's family showed up to visit last Sunday to Thursday, and wanted to try the joys of poutine, so Chef Gordon whipped up a batch for everyone:

Poutine started out as a French-Canadian dish, but it has pretty much spread across Canada now. We are in prime poutine country here in eastern Ontario. St. Albert Cheese makes excellent curds and even has an annual Curd Festival!

We used mushroom gravy to keep it Kosher, and Gordon and Rachel made oven fries from scratch to lower the fat content ever-so-slightly. Then they topped it with fresh, squeaky cheese curds! (Only fresh curds squeak when you chew them.)

Sixteen thumbs up! (Do excuse Gordon's deer-in-the-headlights look. I surprised him!)

And nothing burns off poutine calories like a few hours kayaking on the St. Lawrence River (well away from passing ships!):

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And I forgot to post this pic of our new junior beekeeper, Rachel:

The suit was about ten inches to long for her but she didn't complain!

Happy weekend, all!


  1. You're lunatics. I know I'm one too, but you're two.

    Two loonies.

  2. OMG that Poutine looks absolutely awesome - I'm sure it would send me to emerg, but would be totally worth it!

    Amazing that you've kept up your penpal friendship all these years!! Rachel seems like such a sweet girl!

    I remember having so many penpals as a teen, we used to collect them, right?! ... I find this blogging stuff almost the equivalent - almost.

  3. Never heard of the dish before, but it sure looks good!

  4. Wonderful. I will have to try making poutine.

  5. Iam so sorry but that meal looks like an accident

  6. Chef Nick, proud to be a lunatic like you! :D

    It was great poutine, K-MEG. And weren't penpals fun? I kept telling Rachel we were going to adopt her and hse kept saying "OKay!" :)

    Callie, John is right that the poutine looks like an accident (and it is definitely NOT a balanced meal!!) but it is reeeeeally good. You need good fresh cheese curds, though. Jams, if you can't find them you can improvise with mozzarella but the texture is different.

  7. Looks like great times! Never heard of poutine but it looks good. DId Naomi get to try some? :-)

  8. I know you and Ronna will gasp, but I don't like poutine at all. Like fries, like fries and gravy, love cheese...but hate cheese curds. I know, I'm weird. Gordon's does look good.

    p.s. you have bees too?!

  9. Shelley, Naomi got none but not to worry, Rachel was feeding her yogurt and other treats all week!

    Paula... SACRILEGE! :)) And yes, I have two beehives. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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