Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

H A P P Y • C A N A D A • D A Y

to all my fellow Canucks!


  1. And to all of you, at the farm.

    Vive le Canada!

  2. And a happy canada day to you, too.

    We enjoyed beeing part of it today.

    Sue and Willie

  3. Happy Canada Day to you, hubby, doggys, kitties, the gecko and all those other critters in the farm!

  4. Happy Canada Day to you too! :)

  5. Belated Happy Canada Day to you! :-)

  6. We make Canada Day last the whole week-end. The Queen is coming to Toronto. I'll try very hard to see her somewhere. I saw her as a young princess when she visited Montreal in the 50s. She passed right in front of the Hospital where I was training as a R.N. We were all there, on the steps, with our capes and white caps. She saw us and returned our waves, with a radiant smile. She still has it.

    Joyeuse Fête, Canada! What a great country we have. Solid, steadfast, kind to all, and loyal to our friends.

  7. ok my canada birthday story...

    In 1990 I think, the world student games came to sheffield..... A friend Nu and I went to an evening of "culture" where several of the teams involved organised some sort of musical presentation relating toy their homeland...

    the canadian group was huge....all the students wore red and white tracksuits with huge maple leaves on them....and they did a massive razzmatazz production called "I LOVE CANADA"

    WE HAD TAP[ dancing......multiple flag waving and a chorus that basically kept repeating "oh Canada....I love canada"
    (you get the picture)
    this carried on until the group was practically hysterical with national pride and the final flourish had two girls doing the splits whilst waving their canada flags

    as soon as they had finished
    the slightly stunned sheffield crowd was somewhat silent....but before the applause started one old lady behind us said loudly to her friend

    "where were they from again???

    tee hee

  8. Wille, were you on Parliament Hill? Did you wave to the Queen? :)

  9. Thanks, all, and nice to see you stop by Azrael.

  10. Claudia, did you see the Queen? I saw her in 1973 when she came to open the Scarborough Civic Centre. I was 9 at the time and found it all extremely exciting.

  11. John, that is an EXCELLENT Canada Day story! But I am shamed by the over-zealous patriotism of my countrymen and women. We are supposed to be quiet and reserved! ;)


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